Mom Bought Me a Dollar Store Because, My Uncles Store is Doing Great.

Mom Bought Me a Dollar Store Because, My Uncles Store is Doing Great.

Superb The General Manager candidly speaks to a new Dollar Store Owner. His Mother Wanted him to run a profitable business so she employed the know-how of Dollar Store Services of Las Vegas Nevada to make this dream a reality.

Las Vegas, Nevada The General Manager of Dollar Store Services conducted an interview of a new store owner and was delightfully shocked to discover the reason why this new store owner decided to jump into the $58 Million Dollar Market of Dollar Store Businesses.

John LaFronz, The Dollar Store Services General Manager conducted a candid on-camera interview with a new “Dollar Store” owner from Oregon who stated, “My Uncles Dollar Store Business is doing so well, that my Mother decided to purchase a dollar store for me too.” The new owner further stated, “I am a young guy and this is a great way to start out”.

In the simplest way possible Dollar Store Services provides turnkey packages for new store owners where all of the hassle, hustle or bothersome details are swept away with a clean and complete store package that correctly fits the specifications of each independent store owner.

The dedicated professionals at Dollar Store Services conducted rigorous geocentric research in the area the New Store Owner specified he wanted to go into business. During their exhaustive research they approved 15 separate locations for the client to see. The client liked 5 of the site locations so the coordinators submitted 5 letters of intent and even employed the use of a travelling site location specialist in the pursuit of finding the best complete locale for the new owner to “Plant a successful Business”.

Dollar Store Services, also provides comprehensive training that prepares store owners for the everyday function and requirements of retail store management.
For over 26 Years Dollar Store Services has made the American Dream of Independent store ownership a “turn-key reality” with the reward of having it done right from the start, for over 3,000 people.

With over 3,000 Stores opened worldwide since 1993 Dollar Store Services is the largest developer of Dollar Stores in North America today.
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