Minecraft: 1 DOLLAR FURNACE VS 1,000,000 DOLLAR FURNACE!!! Crafting Mini-Game

Minecraft: 1 DOLLAR FURNACE VS 1,000,000 DOLLAR FURNACE!!! Crafting Mini-Game

Today we learn how to craft a 1,000,000 dollar furnace!
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In this 1.12.2 How to Craft 1,000,000 Dollar Furnace:
It is our goal to craft 1 million dollar furnace! To do this we must craft many new types of furnacess in these challenges!

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33 thoughts on “Minecraft: 1 DOLLAR FURNACE VS 1,000,000 DOLLAR FURNACE!!! Crafting Mini-Game

  1. Smokey Quartz!! from STEVEN UNIVERS HEHEHE!!

  2. I started crying when Jen said " Hey guys" 😪

  3. Hey yall see the cover did she agree with it just saying she is like listening to every thi g he says

  4. I fell like jen dont fell right. Being there and she's not happy with her self you know

  5. Wait is that jen or not cus she sounds different like her voice cracked

  6. you should change your intro pat

  7. Making Jen's intros the cringiest intro ever

  8. Can you do 1$ vs,1000,000$ RACE pat vs jen

  9. 1$ vs 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$

  10. It’s not gold… It’s moon cheese.

    . _ . (Idk why)

  11. So do they live together because pat said he cooks for her

  12. more than 5y and the same intro

  13. Jen said gumpowder not gunpowder

  14. Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wait, so they broke up, but they still make videos together….

    Something tells me the 'break up' was just a publicity stunt.

  16. You should do a flint n' steel or ender pearl 1$ vs 1,000,000. Idk.

  17. scientific shop??????????????????????????????????????????

  18. Can you start a survival minecraft series like paul gg

  19. I think in end there is a bedrock and it have portal in it so I think you have to trow ender pearl to portal and get the purple block from there

  20. I make addons😚 and u can to by getting Crafty Craft

  21. Can u plz bring back challenge games

    Like so pat can see that we want it back

  22. Y don't you do another series of epic proportions with Crainer Jen Thea and Haley it could be a great series with so many of you
    Edit: think about sparky!

  23. Iconic duo would never settle for anything less love you both equally I’m still hurt 😭😭😭

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