Making a Cartoon for $1 Challenge | Butch Hartman

Making a Cartoon for $1 Challenge | Butch Hartman

Superb Many people think that animation is inaccessible, but I’m here to show you how you can animate a cartoon for just ONE DOLLAR! Check out this tutorial on how to make a flip book from the dollar store!!

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About Butch Hartman

Yes, I’m the real guy. I created your childhood AKA Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, and now…the NOOG NETWORK and Bunsen is a Beast!

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43 thoughts on “Making a Cartoon for $1 Challenge | Butch Hartman

  1. what if he is a nook dressed up as a pineapple

  2. He draws cool animation. I cant even draw a dot

  3. Since i was little whenever someone called a rhombus a diamond I corrected them

  4. Me doing the math: 21 pages; minimum 12 frames/second.


  5. Butch Hartman: "Making a Cartoon for $1 Challenge"

    Me: "Yeah, I doubt it…"

    *sees butch standing in a parking lot outside Dollar Tree…

    "Oh, he means business…"

  6. Omg that clip of the bouncing ball flip-book unlocked memories I didn’t even know I had

  7. Cels $1,0000 trolls flipbook $ 0.99

  8. Can you please make a sonic movie trailer reaction please and please do new and old

  9. I love your art videos there amazing and sometimes funny

  10. Plot twist: butch has a coloring book outside of America and its for one dollar and he doesn’t want to show it

  11. Please keep upping it up, so cool. I enjoy watching your videos so much ♥️

  12. That will be great to watch next. Keep on doing this. It's great

  13. Butch : ‘well just pull out a million dollars it’ll be great!’
    Me : ‘*googles butch Hartman net worth*’

  14. Loooooooooooove your videos

  15. I tried to make a Fairly OddParents Animation. I love Your Shows and you Butch Hartman.

  16. You can also use flipaclip


  17. I love how you added one of the Chuck E. Cheese show called That’s a deal from I think 2001 or 2002 or around the 2000’s

  18. 1:27 me when I get waked up and have to go to school

  19. What do you do if you're bad at drawing?

  20. Ngl didn’t expect this quality or style of editing but it’s great for this

  21. Butch, just wanted too say that i love your content and cartoons. Theyre so energetic and stuff and i still watch f.o.p till this day. You made my little-kid hood thingy ma bob great and i cant thank you enough. 😀
    P.S did you ever consider making a video of every time Jorgen said "Timmy Turner…" in fop? Just an idea lol

  22. Am I the only one who thinks that Butch looks like a prettier version of Charlie Sheen? 🤔😂😂❤️

  23. Wait… I remember that flip book I tried to make my own flipbooks after that

  24. And yet you missed the opportunity to mention the phenakistiscope and zoetrope. There is always stop motion too, and with the proliferation of cameras anymore…. Free stock SFX repositories, of course there are all kinds of sounds around you you can record for free too.

  25. 10/11/2019: Even if you think you're the center of the world SO MUCH that you doesn't listen constructive critics… You still a good man Mr Hartman! (I let the others be judge)

  26. Oh my god, I watched that commercial of a bouncing ball when I was a little kid and it inspired me to actually get into animation. Love that one!

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