Make These 5 Crafts with Leftover Wrapping Paper!

Make These 5 Crafts with Leftover Wrapping Paper!

Amazing Don’t know what to do with that leftover holiday gift wrap? Karen makes five crafts using wrapping paper. She makes an ornament, a handmade card and more.

For step-by-step instructions:

The Handmade team is bringing you all the Christmas cheer with 12 new holiday DIY projects to make the season merry and bright. Missed an episode? Catch them all here:

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16 thoughts on “Make These 5 Crafts with Leftover Wrapping Paper!

  1. Hi, great tips. I think my favorite is the planter and then the clip board!! Thank you 😊

  2. I loved all the ideas…bit I think my favorite was the card & envelope combo 😀❤️

  3. Hands down the ornaments because they would be really hard to break

  4. The clipboard closely followed by the planter.

  5. Instead of cutting the circles in half, just fold them in half and glue at the fold.

  6. I loved the planter. I am going to try this with my empty coffee cans.

  7. Hi Karen! I think my favourite was the card/envelope combo 🥰 I would love a card like that on my birthday. Nice to see you back on your other channel too 🙋

  8. Love all of them will be making a ornament tonight and the clipboard for my daughter thanks great ideas!!!!!

  9. Would have loved it if u said this was a way to upcycle used wrapping paper!

  10. loved the first one .. the envelope 🙂

  11. When I saw the candle card at the beginning of the video I thought that you finally made a Chanukah craft for this channel so I was a little disappointed to see that it was a birthday craft. I love this channel (and Karen!), but you could do a little bit better with representation since all of your crafts this time of year are so focused on Christmas.

  12. Awesome ideas for the little leftover bits of wrapping paper. I will be doing some in the near future. My favorite is the planter cover.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. My scraps are always bit too small to do anything, but your ideas are brilliant! Love you Karen 🙂

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