Learning the carpet cleaning skills that can allow you to start your own business & enjoy your LIFE

Learning the carpet cleaning skills that can allow you to start your own business & enjoy your LIFE

Great ‼Learn how to start your own carpet cleaning business and generate over $100k per year‼

If you are committed to creating a profitable, sustainable, and successful cleaning business and you want to learn from a pro, then get in touch with me today. I’ll get you started on the only coaching program that you’ll ever need and show you the way to financial serenity through cleaning businesses.

Looking for NEW opportunity or a NEW career? Well I can show you how to start your own profitable carpet cleaning business and how you could generate a 6 figure income per year by becoming your own boss!

My name is Courtney Lee and I’m the owner of Truman Steemers, you can find my company onYouTube & Facebook, I’ve built my own company from the ground up and I’ve had the opportunity to help other people build a profitable business model as well.
If you’re ready to start a new career that can change your life, make more money and work on your own time then let’s get started!

The benefits of the cleaning industry

✔The RECESSION proof
✔Low cost startup
✔Easy to learn
✔Be your own boss
✔Work on your own schedule
✔Make a 100+ per hour
✔Build a autopilot system
✔Pass it down to the next generation

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5 thoughts on “Learning the carpet cleaning skills that can allow you to start your own business & enjoy your LIFE

  1. Hey Coutney, great job as usual. Advertising is key. Imagine folks like you and others with businesses that have been built largely by the internet, then social media. Seems it would be very hard to have become as successful as you and others are without sites like this and other social media sites. This is free advertising. Keep it up, love the enthusiasm

  2. I'm in Columbia SC.. i like the work… What would be a good portable heated extractor for beginners…

  3. I want to share this with you because you have been providing me so much motivation. So I started calling to do sub work and one company I called has completely stopped residential carpet cleaning So I set up a meeting to secure their leads still coming in! Wish me luck, I will keep you posted

  4. Such a motivator and inspiration!!! Can't wait to purchase the coaching!!!

  5. I wish my boss would stop being so stubborn and watch your videos… I just want what's best for him, and the company. In the long run going on my own but for now help build his business he just is kind of stuck that he is the top of the line but I keep telling him you are so on another level its unreal. You come with free knowledge, and other ways of doing things f perspectives. Dont get me wrong he is a 4.9 company, always book 2 weeks- month out. Yet at same time We ALL can always learn new things. He says he got in business to help people not make money but he shorting us so much. We have super nice equipment, we move furniture, I mean we do alot more then most other company's for far less. I came from another company before this I know other in the industry yet we are cheapest in town besides some cheap portable cleaner. Running 3 rooms at 95 and every room after at 20$. He said he is going up this year but not sure how much. But even down to repairs and stretching he is underpriced. I can install carpet as well on top of that but he is just scared to take a chance on that as a service we offer. Like they say doest matter right or left it was still right either way lol. Sorry for rant just wish he would just give ONE video a chance!🤣🤣

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