Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Superb We’re only a few short days out from Christmas and I’ve got you covered! Here is a last minute holiday gift guide with great ideas that you can actually get in time for Christmas Day!

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This video is sponsored by Nostalgia Perfumery.

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16 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Merry Christmas, love your channel. Please help, I want so badly to purchase the nostalgia perfume sets but I can't find them, the link you provided is just an advertisement and there is no info as to where to buy them. You said you picked them up at Walmart, I went to four different wall arts and couldn't find them, I live in Toronto Canada, any help would be so appreciated, thank you

  2. I really love blankets, and the red top looks amazing on you Angela! Thanks for all the ideas

  3. I hope you have a blessed Christmas!! I did my last Christmas shopping this week Friday.

  4. Such a cute gift set and happy holidays Angela to you and your cute family ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hey angela , i hope you and your family have a merry Christmas! Off topic lol , which straightener do you use for your sleek look? Looks amazing.

  6. Yes to baked goods. Staying on a budget this year. Made homemade chocolate chip banana bread loaves to give to my uncle and my mail carrier because let's face it, they do so much for us throughout the year. Putting up with all our Amazon Prime packages and all haha.

  7. About to buy those hot hands for myself!! Ok literally always freezing 😭 amazing gift ideas 😍

  8. I needed this video, my husband and I will be last minute shopping tomorrow ☺️😬❤️

  9. Thanks for this video!! I would love to see a video on what you got McKinley for Christmas!!

  10. I saw the video you did with Matt at Hot Topic it is one of my favorite stores!!

  11. Hmm… the link for the Nostalgia Collection just takes you to a page where there’s no option to buy. And when I go to Walmart’s app, it’s not listed. 😩

  12. Wow only 4 comments here early Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄🎁 !!! Remember Jesus is the reason for season 🙏🏽😇

  13. I need to try the fudge recipe 😃 it would make an awesome gift and my little one can help me make it 🙂💙🎄

  14. I am thankfully done shopping for everyone! I love your earrings!! These are some great gift ideas! 😊💕🎄🎁

  15. Merry Christmas mrs.Angela Lanter and to your family too. <3 Also Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone on the feed as well.I hope and pray you all have a safe,fun,loved,blessed,awesome,and amazing day. 🙂

  16. Got all my shopping done early. I can’t do last minute, stresses me out. 😂

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