LARGE Dollar Tree Haul DIY Ideas Sad News on Ella

LARGE Dollar Tree Haul  DIY Ideas Sad News on Ella

Super Come with me to my FAVORITE Dollar Tree + Bonus Trip❤ Great NEW FINDS:

EXTRA EXTRA LARGE DOLLAR TREE HAUL❣ Lots of extras at the End😊 May 17:

Thank you source

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45 thoughts on “LARGE Dollar Tree Haul DIY Ideas Sad News on Ella

  1. Prayers for Ella! Great haul as always. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Hugs to you and Ella.
    You can get 25’ of that wire at hobby lobby for 3.99

  3. Awww😔… get better soon Ella !🐶💚🤗

  4. Hello Jennifer many prayers to your precious fur baby her sister's are adorable by her side thank you for sharing

  5. I say buy up the little house thingys and save for Christmas village diys

  6. Hope Ella feels better soon. U are right Animals Are Amazing. ❤ to u guys from me n my chihuahua

  7. So sad about Ella. She's on my prayer list.

  8. Hi Jenny. So sorry to hear about Ella! How old is she? In 6 months my 9 year KC loss the vision in his left eye and then he had to have the eye removed, yet he remains the perpetual puppy lol. Unfortunately, his right eye is now is bluing so he slowly going blind. I've already told him, I'll be the best seeing eye person a dog can have. Hugs from Jess and the one eye wonder dog

  9. Its always amazing how pets know somethings not quite right. My prayers are with you guys! My brothers dog Curly was partially blind to start with. My sis in law was at the vet with her cats and he was walking around following the vet everywhere. The vet said his people told him to put Curly down because he was going to be completely blind soon. He couldn’t do it. He was healthy otherwise. Needless to say, my sis in law came home w/their two cats and Curly. He learned the house and backyard and lived out his last years with them! It was really cool how he could find you no matter how still you were! Its sad news to hear i know. But try not to be scared, be bold! Its new territory for sure, but you’ll all make it through by sticking together! This is a chance to love each other just a little more! My best to all!

  10. Those little houses would be cute to house washi tapes for us Crafters!

  11. I hope that Ella is feeling better. 😢❤️

  12. Sorry about Ella! This is a hard time for your family and I will send prayers your way.

  13. Oh Jenny I'm so sorry 2 hear this news about sweet Ella. Sending prayers that she will be ok & that the blindness is only a temporary thing. Stay strong

  14. Prayers for Ella and your family! Air hug❤

  15. Hope to find the houses and little signs❤

  16. There are few things more beloved than an old dog and even fewer things more heartbreaking than watching them lose ground despite our best efforts. It is good she is surrounded by the people ands dogs she loves best. Cherish the moments.

  17. Hi Jenny, awrsome stuff like always. Sorry to hear about Ella, I know how much wr love our paws babies. Sending prayers and ltots of hugs and kisses

  18. Prayers for Ella . Thinking of you and your whole family

  19. Sweet baby…sending healing thoughts. 🐶🐶🐶

  20. Sorry to hear little Ella isn't well. She is so accustomed to her surroundings that it doesn't seem to effect her playing with the other dogs.

  21. I’m so so sorry I’m praying for you and all of your fur babies!

  22. I use the twine with wire in it to hang up bird houses. The wire they put on them is very flimsy.

  23. Poor Ella, sending hugzzz and prayers for you and yours.
    The wrapped wire I have used for years in florals (sticks of the wire) and the rolls for vines and those are wrapped in green instead of brown. They cover up those cheap looking plastic vines. Either way you have better looking faux florals! This past fall I used twine to cover the vines. It almost as well, just no wire to have better control.

  24. Love your dogs. I had a Boston named Ruby also and we just had to say goodbye to her in January. We just got a new little snorter who is a Boston/Pug. Such fun dogs.

  25. We are sending prayers for Ella. Your furbabies are so sweet and caring. We were crying when they showed so much concern for their sister. Ella is so blessed to live with such a loving family. Hugs to you Jenny, you are an amazing woman.

  26. Aww I hope your fur baby gets to feeling better. 🙏

  27. Get well miss Ella I love ❤️ watching the dogs 🐶 🐶🐶I have two King Charles cavaliers and I wouldn’t know what to do without them 😊

  28. Oh poor Ella. I hope she feels better today! Prayers! Your Doggy babies are amazing!

  29. You can use the galvanized pieces as stencils too.

  30. Great haul thanks for sharing. You are so generous, thank you for your giveaways. Congratulations to the winners. I am so sorry to hear about Ella. I pray she is comfortable. Aging is hard. I will be looking forward to your next video until then please take care and God bless!

  31. I must say I like watching your videos besides the fact that I LOVE DOLLAR TREE DIYS…..You dont talk like everrrrrry other person on youtube.
    you have a great and normal sounding voice! thanks for BEING YOU!!! <3 Crystal

  32. Great haul tfs… awwwww poor Ella.. I hope you get well very soon

  33. Sorry to hear about your furbaby. Sending prayers. I just love animals.

  34. Sending prayers to you and your family and healing prayers for Ella. God Bless.

  35. Aww poor Ella this news made me tear up 😔 I hope she has a speedy recovery on her little ear .I love doggies to . So sorry . I love my min pin “Louie” your right animals are amazing and they are like our little babies . Thanks agin for sharing your haul . I bought the shave cream in the purple bottle and that stuff is amazing ! Everybody needs a bottle lol I hope my dollar tree here in new Albany has those house boxes so cute !

  36. HI Jenny ,you always aka me smile love ya

  37. J P

    lost my nearly 16 year old pug a few months ago and am still grieving. they are family. am convinced that by feeding him good quality food, supplements and cbd oil kept him going much longer than vets expected. he was so precious.

    Got another pug recently – rescued from the local humane society, (not a replacement) has been helping to heal my broken heart.

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