KNOCK OFF Pottery Barn DIY Craft Table On a Budget: SAVE $1100!

KNOCK OFF Pottery Barn DIY Craft Table On a Budget: SAVE $1100!

Superb Do you like Pottery Barn, but their stuff is just not in the budget? Are you looking for the perfect craft table with storage for your craft room? Then this DIY Pottery Barn Project Table tutorial is for you! It’s part of my monthly Girls Can Use Power Tools Challenge. Check it out here: But if you are looking for something to use as a sewing table for your craftroom and love pottery barn decor, then this pottery barn hack diy craft table with storage is for you! I love pottery barn knock offs, but if you have an idea for another company/item you would like to see me knock off, let me know!

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36″ x 36″ Cubby:
Drill Bits:
Nail Gun/Compressor:
Miter Saw:
Protective Eyewear:
Sanding Sponge:
DAP DryDex Spackling:
1- 38″x55″x.5″ MDF:
2- 35.75″x35.75″x⅛” Veneer:
3- 2″x4″x8′ boards:
Kilz Primer:
Sherwin Williams Extra White Paint in Semi-Gloss (I had this on hand) Could probably get away with a sample size.

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35 thoughts on “KNOCK OFF Pottery Barn DIY Craft Table On a Budget: SAVE $1100!

  1. **Please note that the "Ultimate Christmas Tree Playlist" Collaboration is November 6th, not November 4th! What Christmas decor would you like to see me do? Any knock off you would like to see me do?

  2. This seems really tall. How tall is it, and what kind of chair do you use to go with it? Like it looks like it might be bar height? Just curious. 🙂

  3. Glad I found you. I have a couple of cubby cubes and have mdf in a shopping cart. I also love power tools.

  4. I forgot to add I would love to use a nail gun too. I think m husband is going to build a big shed. So we may get all kinds of tools. I love the craft table you made,

  5. This is my kind o place. I love power tools. I can use almost all of them. I wasn’t a miter saw. But my husband doesn’t think we would use it enough. So we’ll see what happens.

  6. You did a fantastic job! I absolutely love it!

  7. GIRL POWER!!! Yes, I love that!!! Those power tools are intimidating but seeing so many women make such incredible furniture and decor inspires me to try it myself!! Thank you for sharing and THANK YOU for inspiring me!!! 🙂

  8. Awesome craft work table! You seriously challenged me to design one in my craft room! I have a 6' plastic everright table at this moment. Which have to take down every time I need to use it.😩 Thanks for your awesome tutorial & inspiration. I LOVE these kind of videos ❤️ My FAV!

  9. WOW u did did an AWESOME JOB! Thank u so much for this! This was exactly what I needed! Best video out there. And yay my hubby is a Viper tech so this was do awesome to see you driving the Viper truck! Careful u don’t get a ticket 😉 ♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕

  10. Girl power! Love your walls! 😍

  11. You Rocked this episode "power girl " TFS..👏

  12. GIRL POWER! I took wood shop all for years in High School and haven’t stopped in the last 44yrs!

  13. Turned out great! I would suggest adding wheels cause you know you’ll want ability to move it at some point! Love this. Wish I had the room.

  14. OMG I LOOOVED this tutorial. I just had a convo with my hubby about building a craft table just like the one you've created. Thank you so much!

    Also what size where the screws?

  15. New subbie here.
    This is awesome! And it came out beautiful.I just love PB, but not their prices! 😉
    I have saved this for future reference, but I think I’ll pare it down to 6 cube organizers on each side instead of 9. And maybe not attach the top, but rest it on top, cuz I bet that thing is super heavy! I just acquired the bedroom of my youngest son who just bought a house, so it’s on! LOL
    Thanks so much for sharing!!! Love it!

  16. I need to make this and use it as a cutting table for my sewing room. The cubby holes would be perfect for fabric and notions. 👍🏻

  17. Wife: Honey, I need a pickup truck for my DIYS…
    Husband: Done! goes out and buys a brand new Viper truck

    It must be so nice to be disgustingly rich. 😂 And, yes, I am jealous.

  18. Oh, I would also love to see a DIY fireplace wall. I have always wanted a fireplace and saw some DIY'S in magazines and they were just as beautiful as the real thjng. I mean, it didn't burn, but was beautiful and actually look like an old fireplace that no longer worked and boarded up.

  19. Girl power!!! Dream Box by the Original Scrapbox. I would live to see that made cheaper than $2000.00 lol

  20. Awesome job. I always wanted PB craft desk but could never afford, but now I can. Thanks for breaking it down and the courage to try it.

  21. Girl Power!! I have all sorts of power tools.

  22. May we see how you built storage behind the beautiful desk please?

  23. Love you Natalie. Yes, girls can do power tools. Thank God my parents taught us those tools of the trade.

  24. You did a great job on that table. I tend to be even more frugal … okay, cheap. I said it. I'm cheap. My craft table consists of two small bookcases that I can usually find at a thrift store and a used door from Habitat ReStore. I like using a door because there's already a pre-drilled hole in it which makes it nice for routing electrical cords (from something like a sewing machine or glue gun). As for power tools, I love mine. A girl can never have too many power tools. lol

  25. More craft room videos please 🙂

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