Just “junk” journal challenge- cover

Just “junk” journal challenge- cover

Superb Here is the link to the January just junk journal Challenge details video

Here is the 2019 just junk journal challenge playlist

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18 thoughts on “Just “junk” journal challenge- cover

  1. OMG I love this!! I am SO gonna try this now!!! I have a question though because I am new. What is the white roll that you used to cover the spine with? Was it book binding tape or muslin? Or something else? Thanks!

  2. I’m using denim on my inside cover

  3. I love the idea of using that cover of a paper pad for a junk journal. How neat. Thank you for that idea.


  5. Really cool cover technique Julie love your videos so informative thank you.

  6. I like how this is starting. Never wanted to recycle offering envelopes–great idea, Julie.

  7. Love this cover – the perfect use for that Tim Holtz piece!!😉

  8. I love how you give your time every time you video and show us newbies exactly how to do things! I aspire to be like you. I’ve paid for tutorials that offer only a smidge of information! Thank you for all you do to teach us! Big hugz from Montana!!!

  9. Oh wow that cover turned out awesome! Amazing what can be done with "trash"!

  10. What a gorgeous cover!!!! I am surprised you were able to sew through it as it looks very thick. I wrecked my sewing machine by sewing too many hems on jeans!!! (cost me $110 to fix!!!) However, before the snow arrived, I did dig out my old sturdy from the 70's sewing machine from the shed and will give it a try. TFS have a great day

  11. Nice, thank you for step-by-step cover. That Tim Holtz cardstock cover is very thick.

  12. Thank you for a cool video you never disappoint in your creativity skills and inspiration. Will enjoy following you thru this series as I have so many in the past. May 2020 continue to find you happy healthy and JOYful. <3

  13. Awesome idea I love that cover its gorgeous Julie xxx

  14. I love the double pocket envelopes 🤩

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