I Found All These Snacks in the TRASH Behind a Dollar Store!

I Found All These Snacks in the TRASH Behind a Dollar Store!

Amazing I love snacking during the holidays (who doesn’t?!) so I am super excited to have found all of these brownies and cookies for FREE! Thank you for watching my dumpster diving video!

In response to the overwhelming support I received on my last video.. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for allowing me a space to talk about my depression and anxiety openly – reading the loving comments and seeing others discuss their journey with the same mental health problems has been incredibly encouraging to say the least. I really appreciate this online family and love being able to talk with you all.

Thank you again and happy diving!

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20 thoughts on “I Found All These Snacks in the TRASH Behind a Dollar Store!

  1. I watched you all day today. You are very likable. Signed up to your Poshmark to see about the Popcorn cart. Your husbands Gnome cones are adorable. You and he are a cute couple. I'm not going to dumpster dive because of how physical it is but I may take your advice and try flipping the free facebook marketplace curb alerts. Just to donate or keep things out of the landfill.

  2. Another fabulous video. Enjoy watching you. Love the green gloves. I get so worked up over all the food that gets tossed. I’ve been hungry and gone without so I know. WOW something seriously wrong with our world. I know that’s not new to anyone just venting. That bracelet is pretty. If you decide too give it for Christmas like you mentioned or a tip for any other jewelry is to use white not gel toothpaste as a polish for your jewelry. Just right out of the tube rub it well all over and then add a bit of water and rinse after should polish well even tarnish on sterling or plated metals and gold

  3. I have a special daughter who likes you very much. Her dream is to have an iPhone 8 Plus, give her one as a gift. You seem to have a good heart. I can't afford to buy it. Please! I live in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

  4. The thermometer is a turkey one for deep fried turkey

  5. Don't eat the dumpster cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful dog..thanks for taking us along 🙂

  7. Aí se eu achasse um lixo desse fazia a festa. Mais será que não está vencido?

  8. that thermometer might be usable if you were deep frying a turkey. You just check the temp and don't leave it in the boiling turkey. it is long so you don't get burned! Maybe??? Anyone else?

  9. You go girl! 👍🏼
    Too bad people don’t donate what they don’t sell :/

  10. This makes me want to go digging in the trash

  11. Hey hun have you sent my package yet ?

  12. You could be spitting gold out of you mouth, and diamonds out of your rear and people will comment about the dog! I don’t understand this unnatural. love for a dog.
    People seem to love dogs more than other people!

  13. I can't justify eating anything coming from a dumpster…what if someone's bodily fluids transferred on it from being mixed up with other garbage? Plus, rodents get into trash scavaging for food… that's unsanitary 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  14. That yarn! YouTube search "Chunky yarn pillow cover tutorial" and in a half hour you will have a pillow cover from each yarn ball (they say do about 11 knots across for an 18"-20" pillow… Get a $2 pillow insert from IKEA if you cant find one diving"). No tools or knitting experience needed…its basically knotting and you can do it right on the table…very simple knots. I know you usually pass on the craft supplies but…use two to look like snow on the Christmas tree and one to make a matching pillow cover!

  15. Pretty lights for the bathroom.

  16. I'd be afraid to take food just in case the shop had a recall on them and they weren't safe to eat.

  17. cheap way instead of buying! <3333 I should try this out someday

  18. Do you ever check the date on candy bars etc.? I bet you it is still very nice to consume 3 month later or even later.
    Lovely vlog again. In the last dumpster, where you found the umbrella were 2 wall lamps with white glas and you did not grab them? Dit you not notice them? Ik was talking to my screen very loed. THE LAMPS, GET THE LAMPS! 😂😂😂 Keep going and smile to us. It is the ray of sunshinè we all love. 💋😊

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