I Bought Billboards For My Dropshipping Website (And THIS Happened)

I Bought Billboards For My Dropshipping Website (And THIS Happened)

Awesome I hope y’all enjoyed this video! I’m always down to explore different marketing strategies for online businesses so I bought 2 billboards in Los Angeles to advertise my Shopify dropshipping website. I hope you guys learned from watching this video that billboard advertising is probably not one of the best advertising methods you can use for your e-commerce business but it was actually super easy to do and it was fun seeing my drop-shipping ad(that I created in 5 minutes) being displayed on the billboards. Make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed this banger!

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30 thoughts on “I Bought Billboards For My Dropshipping Website (And THIS Happened)

  1. For those of you that want to join the course, I’m building y’all 3 custom Shopify Dropshipping stores each(2 high ticket item stores and 1 low ticket item store) for FREE within 24-48 hours of your enrollment so that you can start getting that Ecom bag ASAP! 💰 Use code YOUTUBE for $100 OFF forever! ❤️

  2. Do TV ads next please. I think it would be very profitable

  3. Aye back at it again wit ya boy J Rich;)

  4. How about a TV ad for dropshipping🤔

  5. Yo your videos are dope! I love that I can relate to your story. You’ve inspired me to work hard to be something and made me feel like I can make it too

  6. Hey J can I ask you, is it better to start dropshipping with Shopify or WordPress?

  7. Big ups for thinking out of the box and taking a risk to get the product out there! you the man brother!!!

  8. “Phone holder USA dot com” is what he screamed in the hope someone would care💀💀💀💀💀

  9. J C

    Try one for tiktok, I see ppl running ads on it.. like I saw knee corrector and hair growth advertised getting up to 30k likes on it..

  10. I have a question, don’t you have to ask the seller to use the pictures that your using

  11. You should like find an uber driver and advertise in their car? Is that thing? I wonder what would come of that

  12. haha hey sometimes you have to try different angles. This was fun

  13. Cool experiment man thanks for sharing

  14. Looks a little like my results when I use instagram influencers 🤦‍♂️

  15. This gives traffic a whole new meaning in ecommerce…

  16. I am 14 years old and about to start my shopify store. I am starting with $250 which mean I will be spending at least spending $200 on shopify apps and advertizment and I will only have $50 on my account. If I get orders for more than $50 how will I pay for the products on aliexpress. Am I gonna use the user's banking informations or should should I wait until I have more money?

  17. This was a great experiment. I will definitely show my clients this video when they doubt online advertising 🔥🔥🔥

  18. My guy start vlogging it would be dope af

  19. New Subscriber! You have truly motivated me to get back to my dropshipping business! You explain yourself extremely WELL! Thank you! Looking forward to more content !

  20. You won’t answer this but if you can email me I want your advice and I’ll pay for it

  21. Waiting for another challenge video bro
    And as Always you crush it

  22. It might have worked better if you found a billboard that’s located in a area where traffic is commonly backed up. Great experiment!

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