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40 thoughts on “HUSBAND BUYS MY DOLLAR STORE MAKEUP | Samantha Ravndahl

  1. You definitely can't blend with the sponge applicators but they are really good for shimmers or even mattes that you want more pigment out of. I love them honestly.

  2. “Quick question…. WHAT THE FUCK am I supposed to do with this broomstick of a brush?” 😂🤣

  3. Literally laughing out loud. Love this.

  4. Lmao shaking ur head and that look you gave the camera while first blending in that homemade concealer. I died 😂

  5. Laughing so hard I’m fucking crying 😂😭😘😭😂😭

  6. What even is that eyeshadow pallete??? This was a beautiful struggle

  7. can one die from laughing too hard?

  8. I cld not stop laughing 😂 the lips took me OVER the edge ….. like you are awesome for doing this 🤣🤣🤣

  9. BEST VIDEO EVER. Thankyou. Thankyou. Cured my depression. That is all. 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤

  10. Best beauty video on youtube, I swear. This is hysterical.

  11. This was quality entertainment.

  12. I was having really bad anxiety all day, and this video was actually able to make me laugh and distract me. Thanks♥️

  13. 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 I died four times during this video. This. Is. Epic. I love you Mrs. MacGyver. Please film again.

  14. I laughed so much at that sponge omg and then i cried at the trisha paytas nails brush and almost peed myself at the lip colour close ups. WOW

  15. Hahahahaha. You are awesome.

  16. I thought the dog was reacting to those brushes.

  17. Is this makeup nickel free? Lead free? Shards of glass free? Asking for a friend. 😳

  18. Is there anything Samantha cannot work with? She can make chili flakes work as eyeshadow.

  19. omg I laughed so hard watching this video, now I know what those Mariposa products are about when I go to Dollarama.

  20. “With our fantastic sponge” lmao you’re a chemist

  21. The ASMR of those crunchy ass brushes omg hahaha

  22. Your beauty mark looks like a mascara clump lmao! Love the video!

  23. Crying laughing at your little quips omg

  24. I legitimately laughed out loud multiple times. The ending is 10/10 my favourite video moment of yours haha Definitely worth a clip

  25. The frame of just her lips had me cackling 😂

  26. every other beauty guru: "Sooo they didn't have a foundation, so I'm gonna go in with my favorite foundation from…"


  28. I'm honestly AMAZED at that foundation mixture. Genius. In your words, chef's kiss

  29. You at 21:09 was me 7th-9th grade and lemme tell you, it was a struggle lmao

  30. Hands down my most favourite look you've done, that blurred out liquid lip at the end. Top notch! ❤

  31. Shape of this: Trisha paytas’s nails ☠️ dead on! Hahhaha

  32. What's that sound in the back

  33. Sam: "I'm gonna use this Revlon cream shadow thing."
    Me: "I've experienced that product. It will literally crease so fast."

    Sam: "Wow that's nice… No yup that's pretty creasy."
    Me: "Called it."

  34. 24:55 Good morning 😃 he love you so much 💕

  35. This little brush from the contour/highlight palette, is excellent for dusting off nooks and crevices from furnitures.

  36. Correction: we DID learn something today. Never send Matt to buy makeup from the dollar store.

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