Hunting for Squirrels/Higher End and Luxury Retail Arbitrage

Hunting for Squirrels/Higher End and Luxury Retail Arbitrage

Superb I hunt some squirrels. I went to the mall. Maybe they didn’t happen at the same time… or maybe they did? I ended up trying to do some Retail Arbitrage research at the mall checking out higher-end and luxury brands- while you could buy these to resell, I am more looking at the styles and keywords that lead to the sales, rather than the items themselves.

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7 thoughts on “Hunting for Squirrels/Higher End and Luxury Retail Arbitrage

  1. How are you liking that hydroponic garden. We got the same exact one off of a Amazon Medium Box pallet last year. Didnt keep it, wish we had though

  2. We are about to start planning our spring garden. Season down here in Arkansas is just a few months away.

  3. The bathroom comment made me laugh out loud….. I love your bluntness.

  4. Kind of stalled, No sales since November and not sure what to do in terms of Amazon FBA. Going to go to the dollar store again hopefully this week. I advertised locally on Facebook Marketplace which seems to be horrible I am finding out, I did get interest in one discontinued item not even 5 minutes of listing it and more interest after that but no response since. Right now I am just going to try and make back what I paid for the items so I can focus on better inventory. :/

  5. Thank you for making this can you make more of these please With stores like Belk and Nordstrom American Eagle and Hollister and other malls

  6. The kid in the fountain πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Great video!

  7. Congrats on the plant babies!

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