how to use silicone molds and air dry clay

how to use silicone molds and air dry clay

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In this video I show you how to use air dry clay in silicone molds that are actually meant for making cake decorations. They work great though and after painting these embellisments I just made will look great.
The silicone molds were bought at Wish (is same concept as Ali Express, everything comes from China). The clay is from a Dutch dollar kind of store called Action.
I was happy to find these mold on Wish because I have been looking for those for a while and specially the scary ones are hard to get put here.
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sorry for the bad audio, I am still learning

Thank you source

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15 thoughts on “how to use silicone molds and air dry clay

  1. Can we use these mould in microwave

  2. Couldn’t watch…can’t hear the video,only music

  3. Thanks Monique, very informative, was exactly the video I was looking for! I bought the one with the two faces, and it just arrived today, so I can't wait to give it a try after seeing this! Much Appreciated!

  4. All the comments about the music but not a single one about the fact that the video is upside down. 😂

  5. The music is too dramatic, try something happier and lower volume. still good diy video.

  6. Thank you Monique ~ a dusting of talcum will make for easy removal ) Jennie

  7. Watching your technique helped me so much! Thank you for posting this!

  8. Too much talking and too loud music. But good work with the clay 🙂

  9. The music is too serious for crafting, lighten up 😊

  10. very hard to hear. I love Beethoven but it is intrusive. Very informative about the moulds.

  11. It's Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven

  12. i had my computer up to 75 & still can hardly hear which is annoying when all u do is concentrate on trying to hear, and my computer is awsome. sound is very good

  13. that was totally awesome! Makes me want to go and purchase some more molds!!! love the skull ones!

  14. the music playing while you are speaking is distraction and makes it hard to hear ou

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