How to Sell Stuff on Ebay for Beginners (2019)

How to Sell Stuff on Ebay for Beginners (2019)

Super How to sell on ebay for beginners!
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If you’ want to learn how to sell stuff on eBay, then you need to understand how to optimize your listings.

You can easily make more money on eBay by simply following the steps I cover in this video.

I’ll first start by covering research on eBay and why it’s important to understand what you’re selling. I’ll also briefly cover batching and grouping on eBay as well.

The title and description are a big deal on eBay as well, so I’ll teach you how to optimize your eBay listings title and description too.

The selling formats on eBay include mainly the “Buy it Now” and “Auction” formats. Buy it now is great if you want to sell stuff quickly on eBay, but if you want to make the most money, then go with the auction, and I’ll teach you how to optimize it so you can get the most bids on eBay.

Lastly is the shipping, which I’ll briefly cover to help you make the most money on eBay and save on shipping/material costs.

And lastly, I’ve got a bonus tip on how you can get more feedback from your eBay listings and it’s so easy to do.

So if eBay selling is something you’d like to try out or improve on, then hopefully this video helps. Enjoy the video and please share it with at least one person 🙂 Thanks



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  5. I was thinking about selling on eBay, haven’t started yet. I have been buying and noticed that every time I buy something, there is now a tax on it. Really! A tax on used items that have been taxed before! So between the tax, eBay and PayPal you lose about 25 percent of what you sell! Damn government! Have to have their fingers in everything!

  6. Do u have to run traffic thru eBay to sell your own items?

  7. I got scammed with some one sending back a broken item in place of the one I shipped.

  8. I know it's been just over a year since you made this video, but thank you for making it. I have been thinking of selling some items on Ebay recently and this video is really helpful in what to do.

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  14. For future reference "please pay attention" is condescending, like you're talking to children (are you?). There are a lot of ways to phrase that, that I won't go into, but what makes it condescending is the absence of "why". It's like a Jr High coach saying "heads up".

    "Because most people ignore this" isn't a good enough reason. At. All. "Most sellers don't believe that…is important because …" is better.

    In fact, rather than a preface to a comment it would be better as a parenthetical that follows it, "now most sellers will ignore that advice because they think that… Don't make that mistake- remember to… (repeat advice in a phrase).

      A short introductory notice also cues the views that what's to come is important, ie "listen, …." "I think this is important to understand, …" "Often over looked is…."

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  29. Bad video, you did not showcase any examples, someone doing this and new to computers would really struggle with this video

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  32. Great Video & very detailed

  33. Just wanna thank you for this video I’ve been wanting to sell on eBay for over ten years just so nervous to start I think I’m gonna try your video was extremely helpful thank you god Bless

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