How to Sell Books on Amazon (Updated 2019 ) Scanning Books for Amazon FBA – Scout IQ Tutorial Review

How to Sell Books on Amazon (Updated 2019 ) Scanning Books for Amazon FBA – Scout IQ Tutorial Review

Super In this video I teach my friend Paul how to sell books on Amazon in 2019 at our local Savers thrift store. If you want to learn how to make money on Amazon scanning books on Amazon FBA this video will show you a REAL LIFE example of how it’s done. This video was recorded at our local Connecticut Thrifting Meet Up so we didn’t find many profitable books due to the competition but all together it was still a great learning experience. Hopefully you enjoy!

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33 thoughts on “How to Sell Books on Amazon (Updated 2019 ) Scanning Books for Amazon FBA – Scout IQ Tutorial Review

  1. Really disappointing. Competition must be a real bear. I was hoping to make a living doing this or something similar.

  2. Will you sell a used book that is in New condition on Amazon as new?

  3. I already own lot of books that I want to sell, so what do I do?

  4. Haha, the look of fear grows as the video progresses. I couldn't watch anymore after y'all started trading earwax. Sorry for any flippancy in my attitude. I ain't been in the scanning game in 10 years and this just reaffirmed my gratitude for that fact.

  5. Cool video. I like the format, location and mix of a newbie / avg reseller along with people you know who are out sourcing with you. You are really branching out, Steve! Gives me hope to do the same.

  6. @4:00

    I usually uppercut whosever closest with my headphones. I guess I can try putting them in my ear and see what happens

  7. Good tutorial, but which specific buy/pass parameters did you enter into Scout IQ ???

  8. let be honest, who going to buy book in 2019 where ebooks already on the raise

  9. I have about 2000 dollars currently. Do you think this is enough to start a book selling business. Is it better to go merchant or FBA

  10. Ok but u still got to check the sales rank on jungle scout for people that don’t k ow the sales ranks yet for books

  11. I have the same scanner but I cannot turn off the beep. Can you help?

  12. We have so many thrift stores, goodwills, used toy stores, flea markets where im from i cant keep up. And i rarely see resellers but the other day one came in and scanned adult diapers while i found a jackpot in golf clubs. Its fun for sure

  13. Nice people hate on the scanners beep😎😨

  14. 4.00 a book insane not cool savers😂 never been to one

  15. Sweet i need to learn more on books new to books have a ton sold one the other day for 75 non scannable book 50 cents i paid love books easy to ship and pack

  16. If reference to your shipping methods. You can order free poly mailers and boxes online from usps.

  17. I last watched shortly before your Tony Robbins experience. This is awesome man!

  18. What are the best ranks to sell fastest?

  19. j m

    That scout app is no good for UK sellers. Could you recommend one for people in the UK.

  20. Great video!! What kind of phone do you have. Seems nice big screen

  21. Wish we had that in UK 😩

  22. thanks…….i think i just got a new hobby/infatuation.

  23. What if a textbook Has some high lighting in it? Would you sell it Uber good

  24. Would like to have you unplug the earbud and let me hear the beep you hear. 🙂 Love your videos!

  25. Do you have to take the price labels off of the books before you ship them?

  26. Love this!! Thank this what you meant by online sourcing

  27. I bought the little scanner for 29 refurbished from eBay. Do you know how to turn off the “beep”???

  28. Are you allowed to scan books at libraries?? Great video Steve!!

  29. So you scan these books with Scout IQ using a scanner which that software has some connection with amazon prices then you send them to amazon to ship them out for you or you do it yourself? Did I sum this up correct. This is obviously more complicated and tedious work of course. I'd like to try this out.

  30. I really enjoyed this video. Seeing it in action makes other “how to videos” pale in comparison.

  31. Do you always sell at the lowest price or FBA price?

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