How To Score on Michael's $4 Grab Bags! This is how I do it

How To Score on Michael's $4 Grab Bags! This is how I do it

Awesome HUMONGOUS Michael’s $4 grab bags/$2,600 worth for $40 = 260 Items! WOW!!!:

HUGE Michaels $4 GRAB BAGS. $862 worth for $20 = 76 items!!:

MORE Michaels $4 GRAB Bags!!! What did I get??:

HUMONGOUS Michaels $4 GRAB BAGS/ over $1500 worth for $40=85 items:

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30 thoughts on “How To Score on Michael's $4 Grab Bags! This is how I do it

  1. Thank you so much. I have been checking every day. It’s my first time so I can’t wait. Right now my Michaels is at 70%

  2. Thank you so much. I just called Michaels in my area and they said they don’t know yet. But I am going right now to check it out. Gonna follow your tips. Question do you have to ask their permission to look through their dumpsters?


  4. I JUST learned about these "Michael's Grab Bags" and your video explained everything perfectly!!

  5. Do they only do it after holidays

  6. I wish I was lucky enough to ever get these. I got two; only one time.

  7. I live in the same city as Jenny so I know I’ll never get any of the grab bags lol

  8. I found some this afternoon (Sunday).

  9. Thanks for the tips. I went to my local store this morning to check, they do have the 80% stuff and the worker did say they do the grab bags but they don't have a specific day of the week they do them on.. so looks like I'll be stalking Michael's for a while.

  10. I want these grab bags so bad for my mom. She makes wreaths helps with her anxiety. Closest store is 2.5hrs away though. I've made special trips when I see someone post about the bags but I've never got lucky enough to find any.

  11. I LOVE the Michael's grab bags! I scored big time in the Fall back to school boxes and then again in the after Halloween boxes. I can't wait until the Christmas ones are out. I was in Michael's today 1/14 and the stuff was at 80%. Soon…

  12. I actually called the Michael's close to where I'm staying with a cousin. They told me to download the app and sign up for a reminder as to when heirs starts. My cousins and their kids had never herd of it, until I showed and told them about stuff I had gotten in NC, after Halloween. Can't wait to see what this one has.😉

  13. I called the store and they told me the friday before that the bags would be out probably the following Wed. I went Monday or Tues…can't remember….they were out! They told me I could call and they should know 1 day ahead of time. I live 40 minutes from a Michaels. I've been calling and talked to the mgr tonight and he told me he wouldn't know when they'd be out. He has to wait to hear from corporate to tell him when to put them out. I hope I'm not being lied to. I've been sick for a week and can't drive down there to find out if they're out or not.

  14. you said at the bottom of the page on their website it would say 80% off. I don't find anything like that on the Michaels website for my area .

  15. Wow. Thanks so much for the tips. Our Michael's here in Arizona does do the grab bags. I called back and got nicer people who said yes they do them depending on how much clearance they have left and usually within the first 2 weeks after a major holiday. 😁 that's crazy how much Christmas clearance is left in that store. In the one store I went in there was hardly anything in the clearance section. You are correct about them telling the truth or not. I was told they dont do them here but I decided to call back and got a different person and they do the grab bags. So there you go.

  16. Thanks for the tips Jenny!!💚

  17. Please enter me in your contest i went to macon michaels they any if i could find some one to get me couple i will pay to get u couple

  18. There is no Michaels in my town and I live like 1 hr away and i would love to know when they have them so i can go and check them out🙂

  19. What dates do they usually have the grab bags at ur store?

  20. I would like to get some but nearest Michaels is 1 hour away so it is too expensive to go every day to check to see if the bags are out.

  21. The closest two Michael’s to my office have a lot left and just went to 80%. Went in this morning and still sitting on shelves at 80%. Thanks for the tips!!!! I’m going to keep stalking!!

  22. Thank you so so so much great advice!

  23. Great tips!!! Thank you so much for posting this video! I'm 45 min to an hour away from ANY Michael's stores… can't wait to see what they have!

  24. Thanks Jenny for the tips. I never got a grab a bag. I hope this video help me to get one 👍🏻

  25. Sometimes I wish I had a day off during the week to go… Ugh seems I can only get there n the morning on Sat… I was able to get some boxes last year but it was the last 4 they had & it was ALL pinecones… Lol .. They r med to LG… If u need any let me know I'll send them with y'alls belated Christmas 😃ly mail… Lol … Luv y'all!!

  26. Thanks Jenny! I will have to try my Michael’s tomorrow!🤞🏻

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