How to Get Ungated On Amazon – Our Ultimate Guide

How to Get Ungated On Amazon – Our Ultimate Guide

Great The Ultimate Ungating Guide Link:

Finally here is out How To Get Ungated on Amazon – Our Ultimate guide! We know a ton of you have been asking us for this and we wanted to make sure we provided the BEST possible ungating guide on the market. This will help you bypass Amazon Restrictions with Over 60 brands and 20 categories and sub-categories in the link above!!!

In this video we discuss
1. Auto-Approvals (Click the link above for our FULL auto-approval list of over 60 brands and 20 categories/sub-categories
2. Getting Ungated using services
3. How to get Ungated properly without breaking TOS

Here are link to the three wholesale distributors that you can use to help get ungated

In our eyes this is the most comprehensive ungating guide on the market that we know of. We want to give a special shout out to @WatchmeAmazon make sure to follow him on IG and YouTube. He helped us compile the list of ASINs that we provided in our list!

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32 thoughts on “How to Get Ungated On Amazon – Our Ultimate Guide

  1. I wanted to say Thanks! I've been ungated in the following Brands;

    Zipfizz Grocery & Gourmet Foods
    Radio Flyer Toys & Games
    Quest Nutrition Health & Personal Care
    Prevail Health & Personal Care
    Perricone MD Beauty
    NaturVet Pet Supplies
    Manhattan Toy
    e.l.f. Beauty
    DeVita Beauty
    Aura Cacia Beauty
    Green Toys
    Summer Infant Baby
    Primal Pet Foods Pet Supplies
    UpStart Battery Electronics
    Mega Bloks

    I also need to mention I have not yet started selling on Amazon 😉 I do have a question. When I pull up the approved brands that I see listed on My Amazon Seller page on my P.C., I try to pull up those brands on My Seller App on my phone and they come up as restricted. Is there a waiting period before the approved brands show up on My Seller App? Thanks again Guys!! 😉

  2. Great Info! We are just starting out with this and had a question. We purchased 20 Princess Leia action figure dolls from the Disney Store online hoping to resell them on Amazon. I know, oops, maybe our first mistake. We can still return them within 39 days. But looking at my seller account, there is a button to "sell yours" next to the item. Should I still attempt to sell it?

  3. I subscribed and never received an email with the link for all of the automatic ungates. What should I do from here?

  4. I went to the dollar store and got approved to sell an item. How many should I buy ?

  5. I requested the ungating list with my email weeks ago but never received it! What gives?

  6. Thank you so much for this information, very helpful.

  7. I never received the auto-approval categories. The link just sends me to subscribe page. Even after I have subscribed I still didn't receive anything.

  8. If you are a Veteran and can submit a DD214 with your paperwork and a letter attesting that your business will be >50% run by a veteran, LLC filing is free. At least in Michigan.

  9. Just subscribed. Great information, Very Clear and Simple to understand. Thank you.

  10. I entered my email address for the list, but nothing came.

  11. Thanks to both of you! One question, if I buy 10 Coleman ponchos and submit it to be ungated in amazon, will I be ungated for all Coleman products, or just the ponchos?

  12. How do you find the request approval button? I don't even see the button for Listing limitations apply. What am I missing?

  13. Question on the Vtech that you are going to buy 10 pcs from your distributor, will the distributor price match the toy that we found at the store?

  14. Hi, — I appreciate your very clear tutorials, and so I've just now subscribed.
    Anyway, – I'm really perplexed about something and need your help please! – I have a Manuka honey product that has two different variations. Two jar sizes and 4 different MGO strengths, = 8 different products in total.
    I also need it to be ungated. I already have two invoices that a less than 90 days old, and have UPC codes, but my question is, where do I start? Can you help?
    Do you have a tutorial that would help me? Thanks sooo sooo much!
    Also added to the above…
    Even though the 8 products are essentially the same, just different sizes and strengths, do I have to apply 8 times to be ungated?
    The other part of my question is — what do i do first? Make my listing before being ungated or after?
    And then where do I go to apply to be ungated?
    Hope I'm not being too confusing .

  15. I signed up for the list of items to request to be ungated, but have not received the list in the email yet. Please assist.
    Thanks much!

  16. I never recived the email of the list after I subscibed. Can you help me out?

  17. Question about buying from buybulkamerica….. If im a fairly new seller and dont have a tax ID, can I create a regular account on their site (not the business one) and still get invoices that can be used for ungating? Or does it have to have business name on the invoice and not just my name ( the owner)?

  18. Hello amazing people I love your channel, I submitted my 2 different emails, I sent an email to your support and I haven't receive the guide yet, please could you help me? my email is, THANK YOU!!

  19. Hi Thanks for the informative video! I totally agree with you, there appear to be Amazon metrics or a 'report card' for sellers that grants sellers greater selling privileges {or restricts privileges} like auto ungating categories, brands, etc.. Obviously sales play a big role and customer feedback but I've noticed that my quick ship time has really helped me too. I've only been selling on Amazon for 2 months and I've had several brands auto ungated already. Today I was approved to offer premium shipping to my buyers, which sounds amazing but I am unclear what all the benefits of premium shipping are. Do you have a video on FBM shipping and the various levels of shipping offered? I haven't found much info on FBM premium shipping. Thanks!!

  20. Looked for the guide but can’t find it. Help please! I did sign up with my email. There is 3 categories I’m waiting on to be ungated. Music, Home, and personal care and hygiene, I think it’s called? Any suggestions on those? Is it difficult to get those? I’ve tried requesting on my phone and they all want POs.

  21. I signed up but never received.

  22. Hi, are you able to get ungated with an invoice showing less than 10 items on it?

  23. Thank you for all you do. My question for you is My Amazon account was recently suspended and Amazon is asking for invoices for a couple items. So can I purchase new items and submit that invoice or will an invoice dated after the fact not work?? Thanks again

  24. Thanks for the video. Finally a video that helps.

  25. Thank you soo much for this video!!

  26. Hello, I pretty new to this, however, i was wondering if I can just buy some small toys then submit the invoice, we are just trying to get ungated by category not by brand of toys right.?

  27. I submitted my email for the list, but never received it. Thanks for all the great info!

  28. Hello,

    I tried to get the ungating guide, but I never got the email. I checked my spam box, any other ideas?

  29. i was told i need to get the professional to get ungated in some more brands is this true ?

  30. H

    We still haven't received your email it has been a day.

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