How to find selling price with cost and profit margin only

How to find selling price with cost and profit margin only

Awesome How to develop an Excel template to quickly and automatically calculate selling price when you only know the cost and margin%, but not the markup%.

Learn how to do sales and profitability analysis in detail (with sales variances) here:

Watch as I create a fully automated Selling price file in Excel that calculates selling price from cost and margin%. We learn how to calculate markup by converting provided target margin to markup using the conversion formula. You also learn how to convert markup to margin or margin to markup using an easy formula.

We then apply the converted markup percentage to the cost and arrive at our target selling price. We then also add discount and sales commission factors in the calculation. All of the calculations are automated, so the user of the file only needs to change the input assumptions such as target margin %, discount % or sales commission %.

By the time you have watched the video, you will be able to prepare fully automated excel files for calculation of selling price from variable input assumptions such as target margin %, discount % and commission. Do not forget to remember the markup to margin conversion formula, and margin to markup conversion formula. These formulas will help you to always be able to calculate selling prices and profit percentages whenever you need them.
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  1. There is a simpler way to do markup based on margin percentage.
    Use =A/(1-B). A is your cost and B is the profit margin. So a completed formula would be =15/(1-15%), which makes your answer 17.65.

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