How To Find Million Dollar Products | Sell The Trend

How To Find Million Dollar Products | Sell The Trend

Awesome How I generated over $700,000 with my dropshipping store
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Hey everyone!

In this video I give your a run through of Sell The Trend. This app allows you to easily find six and seven figure products to sell on your dropshipping store!

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41 thoughts on “How To Find Million Dollar Products | Sell The Trend

  1. Hello Chris…great video. I have one question. I pushed one product from Sell The Trend to my shopify store and this product doesnt show up on my oberlo dashboard which is already linked to my store. So if its not showing on oberlo then how can i fullfill orders related to this product?
    Or Oberlo will be able fulfill orders no matter if it was added through oberlo, sell the trend or direct from aliexpress. Thanks

  2. Hi, Chris grate content thanks. I have just started Shopify and dune 3 facebook adds with little success at the moment. in your other videos, you say not to give up. I haven't got a big budget iv spent about Β£300 on the ads and only sold 5 items any advice would be appreciated as I can't afford your course yet I am going to get it as soon as I start generating some income. thanks, peter

  3. Can you make a video about what a One Product Store should look like?

  4. Hi chris! Thank you for the awesome video! Much appreciate your effort.
    I just had one question if you don't mind answering. How much budget do you think should one start a dropping store with. Bare minimum and/or average. I mean how much budget should we keep in mind considering our failed attempts at marketing and all. whether it be through an influencer or fb ads. I just wanted to know a range one should keep in mind.

    Thank you so much πŸ™‚ You are an amazing human being!

  5. Awesome video! If I have just 1 purchase from interest campaign and the metrics are bad is it worth keeping g it going?

  6. Hey Chris!

    Are people put off if they know that I ship from a manufacturer, but a manufacturer is from China?

  7. Do you recommend shopify or click funnels for single products?

  8. Chris, mate! Hope u r well!
    Q: If I upload videos in my store for every product (20+ products, with some videos as long as 4 minutes) – will that slow down loading time of the website? Cheers

  9. Hi, Chris thanks for the video, very informative just got one question how can I add a dropshipping center into my aliexpress account.
    your help will be appreciated

  10. Hello Chris, if we cross 80k turnover we have to be VAT registered how do you deal with that? Thanks

  11. Chris hello:)
    Are you import with Oberlo? If yes you use upsell apps?If yes what apps because Oberlo has sync problems…

  12. Wow! I have seen one of the product on my niche store there, never advertised never did any sells maybe I should give it a try. Thanks for the vid, new sub and notification gang here.

  13. Chris, hey mate! Cheers for them value bombs that you are dropping every time! Had a couple of Q's:

    1) you once said that the WINNER shows otself straight away: would you recommend actually not going any further than PPE VV, if it hadn't led to some sales and massive engagement, i.e NOT do LLA based off 95% VV, but kill straight away?

    2) what kinds of glasses have you sold?

    Thanks man!

  14. Can you show us how to set up a shopify store ?

  15. Please do a free course, cant afford your course 😭😭😭

  16. Hey Chris, I'm getting a high CTR on a carousel ad around 6% avg. 17 cents per link click but only one sell hoping you could help.

  17. Wow 2k views with no dislike nice work

  18. Great video thank you 😁will defo use your link. Do you offer private lessons in fb ads at all?

  19. Is it possible to buy a drop shipping store fully automated without having to set it up etc? I made a shop after so much research but was just not working πŸ™

  20. As always, AMAZING content. Looking to grow my small YouTube channel of 66
    subscribers. Your videos definitely keep me going!

  21. Hi Chris, Once you found a trending products how do you add it to your shop if you have a niche store that is irrelevant to the item.
    Also even if you have a general shopify store, by adding that trending item(s) how do you marketing that particular item in your store?

  22. Yeah I used sell the trend, And I noticed tons of the products the import are saturated asf.

  23. Thank you for this video Chris! Very useful for someone who wants to start dropshipping business.

  24. It is a brilliant website ,….Thanks so much Chris for Sharing!!! Will start trying today! Great content…!!!

  25. Thanks for the nod on this but NOT a 'free' trial as it says because it wants a credit card upfront – and that aint happening! Disappointed that this site tries the old 'gives us your credit card details with the cancel ' anytime ' routine which I suspect will be really convulted to cancel the subscription before the 7 days is up!

  26. sound local, where are you from?

  27. Can use the affiliate, just how much is it pm?

  28. Thanks Chris as always great Info

  29. I needed this. Thank you Chris for sharing knowledge once again.

  30. Thanks for the help Chris, but this seems too good to be true. If all those products are trending, why not just sell those products? How many products would you say you sell now because of this new research tool?

  31. Can you pls tell me how are you testing new creatives to prevent ad fatigue. Just duplicate an adset and change the creative?

  32. Hi Chris, this was very helpful. I opened my online store 2months ago and of course taking every lesson I can from the experts like you. I hope to have success this month as I begin more FB advertisement. I needed to understand it first and I am still learning. Anything you can add is helpful. Thank you, Teresita Villamil (

  33. always usefull content!πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺπŸ½βœŒπŸ‘

  34. Thank you Chris, you are my favorite for quality information and value.

  35. Pls make Video about retargeting

  36. Magic Chris looking forward to joining the academy πŸ‘πŸΌ do you do all of your work alone or do u have a team helping?

  37. This is amazing, greetings from Panama πŸ‡΅πŸ‡¦ πŸ‘

  38. Please do a video on Instagram Influencers! It'd be nice for people who are starting with a budget.

  39. You're actually an awesome human being man! Thank you for the solid value you provide

  40. Yes, First comment!
    Chris, could a new store, with no purchases yet, chose a product from here and go straight into conversion purchase campaigns, just based on the interests that sellthetrend gives?
    I've recently started, but understanding facebook ads, is by far the hardest thing to do…
    Thank you
    Take care

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