How to AVOID eBay Selling Fees (100% PROFIT)

How to AVOID eBay Selling Fees (100% PROFIT)

Amazing In this video I go over how to avoid ebay selling fees! This strategy will help you make more money selling on eBay! Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE…

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38 thoughts on “How to AVOID eBay Selling Fees (100% PROFIT)

  1. Who else HATES eBay seller fees!? Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy 🙂

  2. 10%? That shit company charge 24-33% in Europe and the UK. And they don't allow sellers to avert fraud cases, automatically encourage returns under item not as described even when fully invalid claim. fuck them.

  3. Thank you for the clear up at the end of the video, people want quick answers, I think you should've said that towards the beginning and elaborate, you probably get less angry people in the comments, great video tho, would I do the same for shipping cost as well?

  4. 3 minutes in and all it sounds like is advertising your eBay site… Bored so bye

  5. The solution isn’t to up charge the price that’s clickbait and ppl certainly do not appreciate your efforts and u can tell that

  6. Bla bla and in the end it’s a simple clickbate. Dude why???? We are not freaking stupid lol! You make ppl to hate you off the bat without know you! You’re gonna make us get a penalty for like cursing you if nothing else! You should be banned! Literally you put me on fire. That’s not entertainment ppl use their precious mind to dig through videos to find something useful like wow.

  7. Before I watch any video I always compare thumbs up to thumbs down. If it's more than 3 to 1 thumbs up to down then I will watch. This on has way more thumbs down than up. Not only did I not watch it but I also gave it a thumbs down.

  8. wanker! You defo get a thumbs down,

  9. Who else HATES clickbait!? 4:36 , you PAID the FEE not AVOID it , waste of time , DELETE THE DAMN VIDEO

  10. “Getting straight into it” after talking about a bunch of crap no one cares about and like subscribe blah blah blah

  11. how i can recover my money on account summary ??

  12. gave up listening after 2 minutes …say to much but nothing !!!

  13. It surprises me when people say 10% is greedy. I’ve read before about 7% of that is them advertising our products

  14. In 15 seconds, U could have said, "Jack up the price to compensate for eBay fees."

  15. this is easily one of the more retarded clickbait videos i have ever seen.


  16. Dear Captain Obvious. What you want to sell something for and what you CAN sell something for are two different things on eBay. Sure I h8ate fees on that shit fucked site. But more than that, I HATE FUCKING EBAY!!! FUCK THOSE COCK SUCKERS!!!

  17. I relisted my item 3 times but it still hasnt sold, i got a email saying to pay fees but the item never sold, anyone know why i have to pay these fees?

  18. I’ll bet you also have a bunch of nightmares for the stuff you’re selling when it comes to returns.

  19. Yea thanks for the amazing info I'm definitely going to crush it on eBay fees. Can't wait for the next video on shipping cost. Let me guest I'm going to add that to my cost?? And subtract??

  20. Complete waste of time watching this video. Title is clickbait. At no point in this video does he explain how to avoid eBay selling fees

  21. Hey man thanks for the video is there anyway I could dm you I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

  22. We get it. You buy and sell a lot of iphones. That's not what we're here for. 1 or 2 dollars does matter if your items are under $50 range.

  23. Haha I want to make a comment on when you said you're not very good at math! You won't hear me many times giving Millennials a break! But it honestly hear so many times people under 40, 35 etcetera say the same thing,oh I'm not very good with math! It really isn't your fault! again you will hardly ever hear me say this! It is and was the public school system and now that we've got Common Core well…….

  24. If I sell something on eBay can I use the money they sent me on PayPal to send the package or PayPal won’t release the money to me right away until it’s shipped ????????? ??

  25. Watched the whole video. Never heard how to “Avoid” seller fees. Don’t waste your time people.

  26. wow 2 minutes 48 seconds of talking in circles. get past the iPhones. We know you sell iPhone get past it already. the whole point of one of these videos is to gets the point try doing that for a change.

  27. you are not avoiding the fees your just compensating and having the buyer pay for the fees. you need to change the title on your video.

  28. Best way to avoid ebay seller fees? Don't sell on ebay!

  29. I sold around £800 this month (I am not serious about eBay the items were digital items which I can sell according to ebays policies). All my items were sent automatically after purchase from customers so it was passive income. I have made around £320 though after fees. So confused on why it has costed so much. Surely it should not be that high as I was making a profit on items when I was looking at the fees for each sale. I also have fees ontop of that for £136 which I don't even know why tbh because they have already taken so much from sales fees alone.
    So in the end I will have made just under £186. That cannot be right at all can it?
    Should I contact ebay just so they can confirm this is right? My fees are usually a lot less than that…

    I would appreciate the advice 🙂

    I might just stop selling on ebay and try something else.

  30. how does capital gains work for you? do you write down how much you buy the phone for?

  31. Cut 4 minutes from this awful "help" and get to the damn point

  32. Why are Ebay allowed to charge gst on second hand items when sold in the same country?

  33. I may or may not have sold 5 items to a buyer and they tried to scam me saying it was in authentic so now I am out the items and the money but eBay still wants $500 still! How should I go about this should I just ignore it?

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