How Profitable Is A Drop Servicing Agency

How Profitable Is A Drop Servicing Agency

Super I’ve been getting emails asking, How profitable a Drop Servicing Agency is. Obviously, profit margins are going to vary from person to person. The way I run my agency allows us to predictable drive and close leads. Please keep in my your results may vary.

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Drop Servicing is a new business model. Here is how it works
My agency lands clients for website design
Price Client pays $1,200
Freelancer Expense: $360
Facebook Ad Expense: $300
Profit: $540

Now Image doing this daily. Depending on your niche your profit margin may vary.

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5 thoughts on “How Profitable Is A Drop Servicing Agency

  1. How much are you making in profit a month with your dropservicing web design business?

  2. Hey Stephen, which platform should I sell my service and which platform should I buy it from.

  3. i was thinking to start drop shipping but since last 2 days i have been in drop servicing reasearch, i really liked this model and want to make website but don't know what to do i have no guidance.

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