How Million Dollar Business Owners Boost eCommerce Sales

How Million Dollar Business Owners Boost eCommerce Sales

Superb If you want to create change, it starts with you. How? Simple: 1) Take ownership of a problem. 2) Create a solution for that problem. 3) Find others you can serve with the same problem and introduce them to your solution. When you’re ready, this resource will get you started:

There is no simple formula for multi million-dollar businesses.

They come together from the right combination of people, resources, ideas, and implementation.

Join “The One Percent” and gain access to all of our business and investing courses, trainings, and community:

This video is a short vlog from my mastermind group, The Backroom.

A common theme we see with many entrepreneurs is that they don’t realize just how VALUABLE they skillsets they have cultivated really are to the world.

In these meet ups we change that, make the right connections, and start moving forward.

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🤔 What Is 😃 empowers Capitalists to create change. A Capitalist is a visionary type of entrepreneur. While some feel entitled to what belongs to others, we take responsibility for solving problems that we did not create. Whether it’s a global crisis or just an empty bank account, we take ownership for creating change, and we are already hard at work.

We don’t post just our lifestyle on Instagram or succeed to look good to other people. A Capitalist doesn’t have to win at the expense of others; no, a Capitalist works with others to create new opportunities that didn’t exist before, and the byproduct is profit. That’s why we embrace being part of the One Percent, because we are willing to outwork and outserve the other 99.

We know that if you want to change the world, we must first change ourselves. It doesn’t happen overnight; it starts by serving others and doing the work day after day after day. If you want to create change, it starts with you. So while the world debates, we create. We take responsibility. We solve problems. We build businesses. We create opportunity. And we proudly produce profit.

They can judge us, debate us, even blame us and try to tax us, but without us, there would be no change. We are Capitalists, and we create change.

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3 thoughts on “How Million Dollar Business Owners Boost eCommerce Sales

  1. Being invested in the success of the people you help is so contrarian in a world of gurus and courses. Thank you for the content you provide and your commitment to the success of others.

  2. I love this video not only for inspiration but for a humanistic sense of other people need to feel just as important as you do and if they don't, I love how you make them see that with calmness, clarity, and picking out their strong suits and points, that they have. This will benefit them in the future as well as your company. You're not putting yourself 1st or only Stricktly putting them up to benefit you, but to actually make them believe in themselves said benefits they would provide. Awesome and great work I will see you in the field. From a broke college senior in Savannah, Georgia making his way to the top. A millionaire in training 😃.

  3. Your every word is a jewel … believing in the person is the biggest push

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