How I Started My First Business at 18! (I’m 22 Now) | My Story

How I Started My First Business at 18! (I’m 22 Now) | My Story

Superb I hope ya’ll enjoyed this video! I explained how I started my first business at 18, how I started from absolutely nothing to making six figures a month in dropshipping, and I showed you guys a timeline of my life from when I very first started as a teenager to where I’m at now at 22! I hope you can use my story as motivation that anything is possible for you!

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32 thoughts on “How I Started My First Business at 18! (I’m 22 Now) | My Story

  1. I’m trying to work hard with my father cause my mom dropped her job to go back to school as a nurse, and to help pay off my sister tuition. I’ve been doing so many research about online marketing or just anything to make a couple money. I want to help my sister pay off her tuition and her medical school fees. I want to repay my parents after everything they did for me and my siblings. I want to repay my dad for working for days and 12 hours each day. I promise you mom and dad, I’ll make the best living life I want for myself and you guys.

  2. YouTube algorithm brought me here and I love every second of this amazing video. Ride on… Nothing Is Impossible

  3. im 16 and im On my way to starting my business

  4. You’re a big inspiration bro love you ❤️

  5. Great video, what’s the name or link to the background audio sound

  6. Bruh what movie is that @ 1:25 lmaoooooo

  7. Congrats man!! Trynna start this dropshipping thing

  8. Talks about being patient. Reading rich dad poor dad. And isn't trying to sell anything. Mad respect.. thanks!

  9. How can I get started on drop shipping?

  10. Thass crazy you live in Downey California I live in Long Beach when I seen this vid I instantly clicked on It I lowball got tha same mind set as yu In almost all aspects I appreciate it for pointing me into tha right direction pimp🤝

  11. I find it extremely ironic that you found the Great Gatsby devoid of meaning.

  12. Wow I loved this video. Truly inspiring because I can relate to the part where you said that there are many failures before you get to that place of success. Preach! God bless

  13. Damn I needed to watch this today! Thanks 🙌🏽💯

  14. guys pls help me to grow this channel pls subscribe to this channel pls

  15. Just subscribed because of this! If I may, kudos for not selling course at the end of the video!

    P.S. You have wise words!

  16. I read rich dad poor dad too! It’s such an inspiring book 📚

  17. He is way more mature than me and I am 30 😅😱 I hope if I ever have kids, they are this motivated and full of dreams 🥰🤩🙌🏽

  18. AVI

    I feel you on the "dreams being crushed right in front of my eyes" by a health issue you have little control over. I'm currently starting out with dropshipping after I took a big break from youtube and a bunch of other things I was involved in due to hearing loss and tinnitus.

  19. Good video bro, i respect the hustle

  20. thanks for the sharing

    love your mom everyone and have a nice day

  21. Im 18 and a science student and have absolutely no idea about how to start a business, but i still want to do it . How do I start

  22. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥

  23. Do you have a list of books you recommend ? Like the ones you read ?

  24. 15 and tryna to live the life i want

  25. Love u bro u inspire me nt to giv up

  26. I’m 18 and I’m seriously planning on starting a business this year wish me luck and I must say ur a great inspiration keep up the good work

  27. Welp who’s here Bc it’s to late n u kno u fucked up all high school n it just hit u how real it is n how expensive college is n how hard it is

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