How I Organize My Christmas Ornaments

How I Organize My Christmas Ornaments

Wonderful Happy 2020, YouTube friends! In today’s video, I’m sharing exactly how I story my most important Christmas ornaments to make things easy and seamless for the following Christmas.

I hope you enjoy this video and get some great organizational ideas!

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23 thoughts on “How I Organize My Christmas Ornaments

  1. Beautifully shown and a perfect way to get it all organized and ready for next year! I love that they are on rollers as well.
    Your home always looks beautiful and at Christmas it looks like a picture from Home Beautiful!
    Always love to tune into your channel.
    Blessings and have a beautiful rest of winter and a lovely spring as it moves in towards you…..however Florida is pretty much that way all the time……..just a bit cooler in winter for a bit!!!! 😉

  2. Happy 2◕‿2◕! That is a really nice storage system. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Wishing you an amazing 2020!

  4. Great video. By the way, I just subscribed today.

  5. Yes ma'am, I need one this is great. I love your tree.

  6. This was much needed! Melonie I just want half of your organizational skills 😂 then I’m really on to something.

  7. I am new to your channel and just wanted to say thank you for such great ideals you share here. BTW your home and family are beautiful. 😊

  8. I love those storage units. And big thumbs up for your daughter for being such a great help.

  9. Happy New Year thank you for sharing you’re so organized.Gob Bless your beautiful family 🙏🏻👌

  10. Very nice storage units | I need those in my life … Happy New Year and Be Blessed 💋

  11. D H

    Wow! Amazing…..could you do a 'how to decorate for winter AFTER Christmas is over?" Thanks!

  12. TFS. When they are closed it looks like early 20th century cruise trunks. I love theme trees. I did two this year.

  13. that's wonderful where can i buy it

  14. You are so sweet and just lovely in all your introductions! Your home is so beautiful. Happy New Year!!!

  15. You are awesome! Happy, joyful, healthy, wealthy & wise 2020.

  16. I love your system for organizing your ornaments. Can I please get a link to the chests?

  17. I just love every video you create😍 Taking down and wrapping all of my Christmas decorations is just as much fun as decorating to me🤗, it gives me a chance to admire each ornament again up close and smile remembering why purchased it 🥰 Thanks for sharing

  18. So I missed where you can purchase this item please and thank you

  19. You raise the bar high!!!!👍👍🏾

  20. Excellent tips!! It "almost" motivates me to start taking my trees down, lol!!

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