How I Made $7,081.88 From ONE eBay Customer Wholesale Dropshipping

How I Made $7,081.88 From ONE eBay Customer Wholesale Dropshipping

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Looking back on my eBay Wholesale Dropshipping store in 2019, there was some VERY high dollar amount transactions with incredible profit! One that stood out among the rest grossed over $7,000 to a repeat customer.

This is the power of Wholesale Dropshipping. If you were previously skeptical about this business model, this episode will give you REAL proof of the type of money which is achievable in 2020 with eBay Dropshipping the RIGHT way!

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  1. Make sure to answer any questions that you have about Wholesale Dropshipping below! I will answer them all ⬇️

  2. Selling in this category is incredibly smart. Soon after I got started dropshipping on eBay (retail), I realized the importance of selling products that individuals, businesses or institutions really need to use to reduce the chance of returns. I made a hair under 10k net since June, with about 8-10 item listings on eBay. Thanks for sharing this information with us!

  3. Super stoked for what's to come coach!! 👏👏👏

  4. Hey happy new year man! thanks for putting this out it really lights a fire under me when I see what can still be accomplished with ebay dropshipping

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