HIGH END Dollar Tree DIYs | Dollar Tree Summer DIYs | HIGH END FARMHOUSE DIY | Summer DIY DAILY EP2

HIGH END Dollar Tree DIYs | Dollar Tree Summer DIYs | HIGH END FARMHOUSE DIY | Summer DIY DAILY EP2

Thanks so much for stopping by the Summer DIY DAILY SERIES.
Today is EP 2 and you will LOVE the friend for the day, but first…
DON’T FORGET – The DIY Challenge is June 12th 1PM EST (This Friday)
and if you haven’t already and you are new make sure to visit my
Heidi Sonboul Home Channel

Today’s Featured Channel:
KIM – KTB Creates


Staple Gun


Miter Box

1 Dollar Tree Blue Hat
1 Dollar Tree Bag of Glitter Stars
Fabric – Burlap, Red and White BuffaloCheck
Greenier – Boxwood
Dollar Tree Shish-kabob Sticks
Gold Glitter and Gold Spray Paint

Flag Tray
13 Long Painter Sticks
Twin/Rope Dollar Tree
Red, White, & Blue Paint


Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Italian Afternoon by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Heidi Sonboul
P.O. Box 7681
Chesterfield, MO 63006


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33 thoughts on “HIGH END Dollar Tree DIYs | Dollar Tree Summer DIYs | HIGH END FARMHOUSE DIY | Summer DIY DAILY EP2

  1. My husbandlikes modern and i love vintage and rustic 😆

  2. I love you! Your projects are always spot on. That tray is just darrrrrling! Love love it. I to go get some paint sticks. I have yet to do a project with them. You have just changed that. I'm gonna have to try that one. Love it!

  3. Heidi, I love all your crafts! I’m getting ready to order a staple gun like yours and wondering what sz staples I need to order. Thank you being your sweet crafty self!❤️

  4. Thank you for showcasing other You Tube Channels. I like what I see on Kim's channel. I think I will mosey on over there. Great diys I loved them all. I am working on some other patriotic decor for this summer. Maybe I will try your diys featured here later on. I need the saw and staple gun.

  5. Loved both. You are so honest! I love your approach. I am already subscribed to the other channel too. She is very talented

  6. That could totally be very cute table center piece. That tray is super cute love it also.

  7. Love these. Thanks for sharing with us. The hat is my favorite

  8. The tray was great Heidi, now I really need to get some sticks and thank you for introducing us to new channels. Yes, you’re right about the crafty cousins. Ended up as a subscriber right away, like I did with you. Please keep the crafting and helping going.

  9. I watched All of Your Compilation & Your so Talented! I RESPECT You for being Yourself !! & You don’t stop there!! Your Care to others, starting Their Ch’ ! As I was reviewing Your Ch’ what Struck My Heart ❤️, was SHARING YOUR LIFE STORY!! That helps People relate, & one really feels they know You & sometimes Life’s struggles, bring out a Special Creativity! I live in Prince Edward Island, CANADA 🇨🇦! I’ve tried one of Your crafts so far! ! ps: I hope You get this note, & If You take a few minutes, go online & see what is Special about My P.E.I. Home/Island !! Keep the FAITH 🙏

  10. I love the tray. I love just about anything red, white and blue. The hats adorable also. It reminded me of the circus.

  11. Hi Heidi. Loved the Cousins & already subscribed. Also I've been watching Kim on KTB Creates for several months already. Love her channel too! I just loved the hat – so cute. But the tray – my goodness – have to try that one. Thanks Heidi.

  12. I loved that book too! In fact, I still have it and about a dozen other of his books. 🙂

  13. The tray was my favorite. I agree with you about the farmhouse rustic look. Sometimes I think (on other channels) they take the distressing a little bit too far. I personally am taping your channel because my husband & I are getting ready to move and I can't wait to try some of your ideas for my home.

  14. I really like the tray but they are all so cute. ❤️🤍💙

  15. I love that hat honey. I love those sticks and burlap too! LoL! That tray is fabulous! I got my saw, I will start using it today for my shills wall😊

  16. I did a St. Patrick’s day hat for my desk at work. It was so adorable & my customers loved it.

  17. The hat is adorable!The tray is my favorite. I will be making it today!

  18. Love the tray I'm going to give it a try!! omgosh thank you for sharing stay safe God bless🙏

  19. That hat is absolutely adorable and you brought back such a sweet memory for me with the reference to the “Go Dog Go” book. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day. 😘❤️🤗🙏🏻🇺🇸✨

  20. OMG! The tray is my FAVORITE! I want to serve my 4th of July Jello shots on it! 🇺🇸😜

  21. That is really nice that crafters are supporting each other.
    Hey I thought of you the other day when I went thrifting. I found a Cropadail. I snatched it right up because it was only $2.00. I figured someone was cleaning out a craft room as I got quite a bit of craft stuff.
    That hat is so adorable 😍 everything came out wonderful.

  22. Wow! The hat would definitely be a conversation piece if it was worn. I love it. Such a great idea for a centerpiece. And the flag tray is so nice. I sure wish I could paint like you do. And paint words like you. I know you say practice, so guess I’ll just have to keep practicing. It is so nice and sweet of you to help all the DIYers get there channels going and improving. I’m really enjoying watching new DIYers. Thanks for sharing once again and take care.

  23. Amazing tray! Can't wait to try it myself. On my way to Kim's channel.

  24. Hi Well it's hard to pick one but I am loving your tray it turned out so cute.

  25. I love watching you paint, is that weird? haha The tray is too cute for words.💖

  26. My boys LOVED that book too…do you like my hat? No, I do not like your hat.😄😃🤣 Your hat DIY took a kinda cheap looking hat into adorable patriotic decor🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  27. Loved the tray. Glad you'll be posting each day and recommending other crafters.

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