High-End Dollar Tree DIY Crafts You’ve Got to Try! Upscale Dollar Tree Decor 2020 💙 MissJustinaMarie

High-End Dollar Tree DIY Crafts You’ve Got to Try! Upscale Dollar Tree Decor 2020 💙 MissJustinaMarie

In this video I’m going to show you how to create two beautiful, high-end looking DIY decor pieces using Dollar Tree items. #nationalmodpodgeday You will not believe they are Dollar Tree crafts!

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26 thoughts on “High-End Dollar Tree DIY Crafts You’ve Got to Try! Upscale Dollar Tree Decor 2020 💙 MissJustinaMarie

  1. I want to make these plates!!! I love the blue and white and it's so lovely. Wow. To have a collection of them for the table would be so amazing.
    Great tips on using the mod podge. You should add "National Mod Podge day" to your tag. Today is the official day and the company will see it 😉
    I love the silhouette frames and adore your elegant style. You are SO talented Justina. Thank you so much for joining this Friend Friday hop.
    I'm so happy we found each other as crafting sisters and are now friend. Happy friend and enjoy your weekend. XO

  2. I don't know how I missed this video 🤦 anyway, the plates are beautiful (I have yellow accents with my blue and white) but the silhouette is my favorite since I have two sons❤️❤️. Justina, I love your videos, your voice is so soothing, you are very inspirational, fantastic decorator and you are a genuinely caring person. Thanks for sharing, stay safe☺️

  3. Always beautiful & classic decor!

  4. This is genius!!! Love the plates

  5. My daughter made these for me for Mothers Day, I'm going to add them to my plate collection….. you made the silhouette picture look so easy, I might try this myself….😊💕

  6. The plates turned out beautifully. The swan napkins are so pretty. I love silhouettes! I have a couple of silhouettes of the profiles of my children that I treasure. I am going to try this dyi. That little cutting device works slick as a whistle.

  7. Hi Justina Marie! You did an absolutely amazing job on both DIY projects! The decoupage plates are stunning! And the silhouette artwork is just so sweet & charming! Thanks for sharing your creativity and the beautiful displays!💕

  8. I noticed you haven’t posted in a while. Just checking on you, you OK? Hope you’re well!

  9. Apologies if this has already been ask, where did you purchase the blue and white napkins? I couldn't find on Amazon, this project is so beautiful thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello Justina Marie! How are you doing? I hope well! Another great video. Thank you for being so faithful to share your talents with us. You’re the best!

  11. Hi Justina, I am new to your channel and I love the blue and white plates. I am glad I found your channel. Look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  12. Sweet Justina, unfortunately, I am of the generation where I struggle a little with computers. I received your sweet message. Thank you so much! I am so excited about a project I just completed, and absolutely know you are going to want to do this. So, this weekend, my son is going to help me sign onto Instagram. Mostly, because I want to share my love of blue and white with you, as well as this new project. Seriously, you are going to want to try this one, as it is absolutely stunning. You have the patience and the talent to attempt this and I have feeling you will want to make a real statement with it. I assure you, once I’m on Instagram, the first order of business is to share the colors and the products I used to create this classic and beautiful blue and white project. Thank you for your sweet message, as I was thrilled to see your comments. Until then, God Bless you and keep expressing your love of blue and white, along with your many other talents. Sincerely, Lisa.

  13. Sooooo Beautiful. I’m going to try both projects. Thank you for your inspiration😁

  14. Justina, simply beautiful! I have done a lot of decopodge, cutting out flowers, butterflies and birds for hours. They make beautiful gifts for anyone. Love your videos.💟🌹

  15. I am so blessed to have discovered you from “ Friend Friday “ . Your channel is so relaxing and creatively beautiful and unique.

  16. Your diys are amazing! Thank you for sharing your creations..

  17. I can’t wait to tell you! I just ordered the napkins you used for the beautiful plates. I am so excited they had the exact blue and white napkins you used. In addition, I am in love with this sight! I checked out every single collection they carry. Did you see the little green bunnies? So adorable. I use pink as a compliment to my blue and white. Although, green is lovely with blue and white as well. I thought, how sweet for an Easter table, to do perhaps salad plates with the green bunny napkins, along with green napkins. Anyway, just had to share with you. Thank you again for a lovely video. Like me, I can tell you are a perfectionist. This is evident in your project results. Thank you for this beautiful idea. I look forward to your next video. In addition, You would love my patio decor, as I carried the blue and white urns out there as well. Of coarse, pink is my accent color and it’s absolutely lovely. I will need to learn how to use Instagram or your FB page to send you photographs. By the way, lovely work on the silhouette you made, as this can be extremely tedious. God Bless. Sincerely, Lisa

  18. I absolutely love the plates.The blue & white napkins you used are so beautiful. I love the mother & son print. The quote you used is so true. There's a special bond between Mother & Son forever 💞💖

  19. The music mixed with your voice has me just so, so calm right now. This video is a gem.

  20. I love them both so very much! I’ll be on the look out for the perfect napkin design to match my home & order the dishwasher safe mod podge .
    The frame silhouette as given me a wonderful idea for Father’s Day. My kids are young adults now. So I’m thinking of taking our favorite picture of them when they were young & scan it then find or take a picture of them now. I just need to find a perfect quote or saying. Then taking time to position everything just right then use my craft knife to cut out the pictures. Easy Peezy! Thank you for 2 beautiful DIY’s. You have a very excited follower as of today. I’ll be binge watching all your content. Thank you!

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