High End dollar tree DIY coastal home decor

High End dollar tree DIY coastal home decor

DIY high end dollar tree coastal home decor. This video is part of the DIY coastal summer challenge hosted by Heidi Sonboul. Be sure to check out the playlist for some amazing DIY coastal summer home decor There will be a link below . In this video I’m going to show you how to make some very beautiful and affordable coastal home decor. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you’re not subscribed please do so now. Thank you so much for watching and as always have a blessed


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40 thoughts on “High End dollar tree DIY coastal home decor

  1. the picture in ombre is fabulous!

  2. You should get yourself a staple puller(heavy duty).

  3. I just love all you do,everything looks lovely (so stinking cute lol) x

  4. Everything turned out great! I love the all!

  5. Wow I think your crafting is just amazing and you have the cutest personality 😂 and make me laugh

  6. I'm doing coastal farmhouse in my house and wanting to do a focal wall at the end of my hall the mirror with the grass skirt around it will be perfect on it. Thanks.

  7. I just love all of these projects!! I truly enjoy your presentations!! You are so real!! Thank you for all my smiles!! 🤗

  8. Not sure, but if thats the coordinates to where you live on that lake, you need to be careful. You dont want some sicko knocking on your door. Please be safe .

  9. You had me cracking up through the whole video. Love the color you made, but it made me crave blueberries! You should totally patent that color and call it blueberry 👍🏻

  10. Coastal isn't really my thing but I loved all your projects

  11. Your such a joy to watch an listen to i love your southern accent an style !

  12. 😇🌴 You are so enjoyable to watch doing your DIYS, YOU literally brighten up my day.😊🌴
    I L 💜 VE when you say, { I just roll with the punches 😊🌴 }
    I lived in the south- Charleston SC, for two years, and it was so FUN living there.😊🌴 I do have a slight twang , and it really comes out, when I get a lil upset, which doesn't happen to often.😊🌴 I would and still do say Y'all, and when I would say Y'all, my Dad would correct me, but you know what it's just who I'm.😊🌴
    I L 💜 VED ALL of your DIYS, they turned out REALLY Cute.😊🌴
    Thank YOU for sharing your CREATIVITY with us.😊🌴🌊
    Take Care SWEETIE and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us. 😊🌴🌊
    I'm new to your channel, so I'm trying to catch up on your other videos.😊

  13. Oh my goodness, I see the Reelfoot Lake sign behind you. I've been there many times as my dad's family (as well as my husband's dad's family) are from there. I still have one great aunt and a couple of cousins that live there. I love your accent so much and now I know why 😄

  14. I love your energy and that accent! So stinkin cute!

  15. I love how you tied in your family memories with the love of your home and the water. It all works together and it will be cherished as a family and just a great memory for you. I love the beach style and color with a little farm house and boho. I loved truly everything you made. The home sign I want it. I’m going to have to look for the home sign at the dollar store.And I’ll try to make your sign. I’m going to watch this again I may make more of your ideas. I love listening to your humor and your accent. Your voice reminds me of my momma in heaven. Your a blessing. Thank you 😇

  16. Love love love this! ALL of it! Especially you! Definitely have become my favorite go-to! Thanks so much!

  17. I love that lantern. Nice work.

  18. I loved the first two and I'm so not into to nautical coastal stuff at all. They have a staple puller you can get for cheap on amazon if your going to be using a lot of them. You can also buy finger protectors for your fingers and lay that sheet down when your hot gluing something so you don't get it stuck to anything (you can get those all at amazon for cheap). On your lines you make with the tape, if you don't add so much paint when your applying it you won't have the runs of paint. Can't wait to see the next video.!

  19. The Ombre picture is so pretty. Great job.
    Your commentary is hilarious.

  20. So happy I found your channel! Love your southern accent and you have been such an inspiration! Love everything you made ( the tray, the ombré sign and especially the lantern). So looking forward to many more tutorials….. Kathy

  21. Cried my eyes out now u can see how I feel

  22. I have been threated jumped on beat on staped

  23. That's enough of that you wanna threaten me again

  24. Sister, I am professional painter, I own a construction and painting business…. I always, always, always end up with paint on me every single time lol…. No one can ever say I don't work lol…

  25. Loved your energy and I enjoyed your video. I laughed with all your wittiness!! Thanks for posting!!

  26. You are so stinkin' cute. Love your projects.

  27. I loved all of your DIY’s. They are all so nice. And it was so fun watching you make them. You just crack me up laughing. Girl, you are to funny. Love it. You made so many great things, not sure which one is my favorite, but think it’s between the picture you painted in the ombré style and the lantern. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Jackie, I don't know what is going on, but I just now had to "subscribe" again! I know I had prior subscribed. I wonder what the glitch is.

  29. Girl you are southern, like listening to my family!

  30. We're kindred spirits! When we travel, my husband and I always stop in the thrift stores along the way. If we're not in a hurry to get somewhere and we pass one on the road, we'll turn around and go back. The last one we went to like that was a repurposed church building and was run by a ministry for special needs children. I love it when sacred spaces are repurposed for ministries that are two-fold – shopping and a small town service! I'm a paint and ink magnet too! smile! I had paint on my hands this morning in fact!

  31. What?!!! You did not use the nautical blue on your lantern?!!! Lol

  32. I have paint all over myself when I paint too. my husband makes fun of me about it. Have fun. Love your ideas. Keep up the good work.

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