HIGH END Dollar Tree Coastal DIYS | Coastal Farmhouse DIYs | Summer DIY DAILY Ep 8

HIGH END Dollar Tree Coastal DIYS | Coastal Farmhouse DIYs | Summer DIY DAILY Ep 8

Thank you for watching today’s episode – Summer DIY Daily Ep 8 🙂

Featured Channel TODAY – Nathalie Creates Crafts


Staple Gun


Hanging Frames
2 – Dollar Tree Frams 5X7
3 – Dollar Tree Rope
White and Blue Paint

Coral Crate
3 – Dollar Tree Canvases 8×10
16 – Dollar Tree Tonge Depressor Sticks
1 – Dollar Tree Sign

If you would like to collab, you can email me at

Heidi Sonboul
P.O. Box 7681
Chesterfield, MO 63006


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32 thoughts on “HIGH END Dollar Tree Coastal DIYS | Coastal Farmhouse DIYs | Summer DIY DAILY Ep 8

  1. Such great projects!! I am doing one of my bathrooms in nautical so these will be prefect! Do you do different themes throughout your home or are they all the same?

  2. Loved both of these, but then again I love all of your projects!!! You are such a talented, creative, and sweet person.

  3. I loved both of these. Especially the photo frames as a last memory.

  4. I love them both Heidi! So love that color of the crate!! Stay Safe, Take Care, and Much Love!! 💜💜

  5. Love them both. Do you have to have the internet to use a cricut you are giving away?

  6. Definitely going to try the picture frames for our bathroom!!

  7. I love them both Heidi! You create such beautiful crafts! The frames are beautiful, I love the picture of your family's feet! ❤ That crate is too cute! As always thank you so much for sharing your talent! Stay safe, healthy and positive! GOD bless you and your family! 🙏❤🌻

  8. The frames are awesome! I can't wait to make some to put some of my Dad's Navy pictures in. Loved your homemade coral color too. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Sometimes when I’m painting and get (not so patient) I can hear Heidi saying, just take your time. Lol be patient with yourself. It does slow me down and the end result is not quite so sloppy. Hugs.

  10. Sorry, did I miss what the blue color is called and brand? It is gorgeous!!

  11. I love the daily diy's and that you feature someone's channel to help their channel grow… the crate was adorable… happy crafting friend

  12. I love the crate and honestly anything
    You come up with!❤️❤️

  13. My Birthday is june 28th and i would like to put my name in for drawing.

  14. Thank u for sharing , and for your personality talk over, loved the create. I don't blame tour daughter for trying to confiscate it.

  15. The crate was my favorite! Love the color. I liked the picture frames also.

  16. I definitely liked them both, though the crate is stinkin' cute.

  17. I like both projects. How clever the way you made that crate.

  18. I loved the rope picture frames. The crate is really nice too. What great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful evening.🦀🐬🌴

  19. Hi Heidi. I absolutely love the crate. That’s a must try. I just finished watching Natalie and fell in love with her also. Thanks for sharing her with us. 😘😘

  20. Love these projects. Sitting with my sisters. Can't wait to try these.

  21. I love that crate! Great job as usual!

  22. Love both! And I think your stapler is great! Thank you for sharing your many talents! ❤️

  23. Love them all! Enjoying your channel a great deal and I love how you support your fellow YouTube crafters. I believe in Karma and yours is so good.

  24. I enjoyed each of the DYI's but my favorite one is the coral crate.

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