Halloween colors with monster pictures

Halloween colors with monster pictures

I made a Halloween video colors with monster pictures in 360. Warning, This video might scare little kids, watch it you own risk!! This video was in 2D, I made in 360, so might have fish eyes effexts and it have lots effects and Halloween music in 360. To watch it in 360

MY HALLOWEEN MONSTERS PICTURES IN 360 with scary music (Youtube free cupyright music. This video might scare you/Happy Halloween!! with lots special effects and halloween music. Darkness video, It is cool! To watch this video in VR 360? You sill need a google cardboard or PlayStation Helmet. PlayStation helmet is best see it VR 360. You can watch it in 360 by movie you phone around or use your computer mice. but it will not come out in VR mode 360. so best use play station helment or computer VR helment.

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