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  1. I love Halloween! I have moved rooms twice this year so I am afraid to decorate anything, because I'm afraid I'll move again. I have a video request. Could you make a video about your classroom management, this is something I'm struggling with. I have 80 rowdy 4th grade kids and I have no idea how to handle them.

  2. So cute ! Favorite time of year !

  3. You do get some mighty good deals at the 99c Store. Thanks for the video presentation.

  4. I don’t know that I can decorate my entire room bc I know that not all my kids celebrate Halloween. I try to keep these things in mind when I talk about festivities and holidays especially bc one of my kiddies is Pentecostal.

    But I do LOVE HALLOWEEEN!!!!! I might just pick up things that are Halloween inspired items use that

  5. Great video, not a teacher yet but you just motivated me to decorate my bedroom.

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