Great Profit Items Found at Goodwill for CHEAP! Selling on Ebay and Amazon FBA!

Great Profit Items Found at Goodwill for CHEAP! Selling on Ebay and Amazon FBA!

Superb Buy Items I Use Everyday while Packing and Shipping!:

Uline 14×20 Poly Bags (Best for Clothes) :
Poly Mailers:
Barcode Scanner that I use:
Scotty Peelers:
Printer I use:
Scale I use:
Camera I Use:
CD/ Video Game Cleaning Equipment-
JFJ Easy Pro Machine –
6 Pack of Buffing Pads –
Disc Cleaning Polish:

My Ebay Store:

Thank you source

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37 thoughts on “Great Profit Items Found at Goodwill for CHEAP! Selling on Ebay and Amazon FBA!

  1. I want to personally thank you for this information you provide to us. You broke me out of the fear of searching things up in thrift stores, I now realize everyone has to make a living and at least what I'm doing is honest and helping support charitable organizations as well. I hear a lot of people saying that flipping thrift items is the equivalent of stealing from the poor but when it comes down the math, eBay is the best thing that every happened to these stores. Good Will is also selling the good stuff stuff on eBay themselves we are just getting the fillers!

  2. PJ shopping 101, nice job brother!

  3. Do you make more on eBay or on amazon? Also what’s your amazon store name? Thanks

  4. Your footage made it to a Wall Street Journal video on FBA Items released on the 18th.

  5. I cant believe the prices😱 and are they stapling the tags to the clothes? I used to thrift up in CT when I lived there. I was in Wallingford. Now I'm in FL. Its a struggle to find nicer brands but it does seem like the new residents dump their long sleeved cool weather stuff when they move here. Anyway, interesting content!

  6. Holy shit if this video came out like 2 years ago I would be quaking that you found a Dan and Phil game

  7. Wait…so it's worth your time to scan all those CDs to only find three which might make you a $50 profit, but not worth your time to stand in line for less than hour for over $100 profit???

  8. I bought 80 blu-ray and dvd at a flea market for $50 from a person and already sold half of them for $160 so far.

  9. Dolphins beat the Patriots today lol nice video man, how were your FBA sales during December?

  10. Wow guys these were some ruff comments ! Like to see you guys have a channel with decent content done by a down to earth guy just trying to eek out an existence. Always smiling always upbeat . Loves his girl and his dog . Doesn't try to sell you a dream like some . Open honest sharing what he knows without hesitation never too proud to ask our opinion . . . Shame on you ! Watched him for years . He hasn't changed a bit . Doesn't beg for likes or get loud and crazy . Just a day in a regular guys life . . . today in pjs ! How much normal can he be . . . Love your channel Jesse and appreciate you just being a regular hooman tryin' to make it and sharing what you know . . . 👍💪👊✌🐕💗

  11. Why do you say it’s $2 when the price tag says one like @ 3:09?

  12. The ip claims YouTubers never speak on enough

  13. I got a puffer vest. Never wore one is it worth wearing? Why do people wear them?

  14. Supernatural good show just suggested to you. Supernatural on season 15 last season.

  15. After a day of thrift shopping and making a profit at the expense of the poor did you in a fit of guilt donate your ears ??

  16. Because I don’t care 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. I bought stuff that was in this video yesterday at red white and blue like that club penguin ds game

  18. Why are these thrift stores so packed? Ours are packed usually only 10 people in line max though.

  19. Kohls is still trying to sell that Beauty and the Beast Dorbz for $1.99

  20. Security tags on donated items? Goodwill gets these items for free. Sad

  21. Can you sell wii games on amazon? I thought they just made everyone get rid on there Nintendo items.

  22. Thank you for these videos! I have learned a ton from you. I started selling on eBay the middle of this month, and my listings just set for two weeks with no sales. On Friday my first sale came in and then again on sat my second one came! Very exciting!! Thank you for the videos!!

  23. Love your thrifting vids! I learn a lot from them! Thanks

  24. Just because a cd is still sealed doesn't mean it's worth anything. I've had many sealed cds that aren't worth anything, so i just use the new jewel cases from them.

  25. $1 per cd is awesome! My goodwill charges $3 for cds

  26. That cart coral 😂😂😂

  27. how do you deal with smelly books?

  28. $100 profit for an hour wait is worth it.

  29. Luluroe is not a brand to buy anymore

  30. I thought you were done with clothes heh

  31. Thrift school what happened to the big lots video you were going to do?

  32. There are over 10,000 lularoe cardigan listings and only about 4,000 sales. Not something I’d pick up personally

  33. One hour wait = $150? I would definitely have waited. Always have abook to read while waiting, my Kobo goes everywhere with me.

  34. It y’all that make things higher. They watch yalls channel. Get real.

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