FUN Dollar Tree SUMMER DIYs | Porch DIYS | Summer DIY Daily Ep 3 | American DIYs

FUN Dollar Tree SUMMER DIYs | Porch DIYS | Summer DIY Daily Ep 3 | American DIYs

Today is EPISODE 3 for my Summer DIY Daily Series. I hope you are loving these new videos. Next week we move onto Summer / Costal DIY’s and I have even more channels to share.

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Today’s Spotlight – Christi Creates



Staple Gun


Miter Box

Tipping Pots
4 Dollar Tree Garden Pots
1 Dollar Tree Broom
Red, White, & Blue Spray Paint
1 Bag Dollar Tree Glitter Stars
1 Pack dollar Tree Shish-Kabob Sticks
Painters Tape
Dirt & Flowers

Uncle Sam Door Decor
1 Circle Dollar Tree Sign
1 USA Tag Dollar Tree Sign
2 Long Painter Sticks
1 Bag Dollar Tree Glitter Stars
1 Pack dollar Tree Shish-Kabob Sticks
1 Dollar Tree 4th of July Bow
White Yarn
Tan, White, Black, & Pink Paint
Left over Canvas Fabric – Dollar Tree 8X10 Canvas Frame
Foam Sqaure Dollar Tree

If you are interest in being spotlighted during the DIY Daily Series please email me:


Heidi Sonboul
P.O. Box 7681
Chesterfield, MO 63006


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32 thoughts on “FUN Dollar Tree SUMMER DIYs | Porch DIYS | Summer DIY Daily Ep 3 | American DIYs

  1. OUTSTANDING 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I cannot even BELIEVE you dreamt up that Uncle Sam face sign like how EXTRAORDINARY!! If I’ve said this once I’ll say it a TRILLION times, your talent just leaves one with an open mouth honestly 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. That potted plant project and Uncle Sam! Stop it!! So clever 👏

  3. Uncle Sam is adorable. Great jobs Heidi, as always!

  4. You are right we are blessed. Stay positive! And God bless

  5. O I'm so glad I'm not the only one that cannot cut the crafting thoughts husband thinks I'm crazy when I jump up and write down what I wanna make….

  6. That Uncle Sam is adorable! Love the planters too. Great job!

  7. Your work is amazing! I'm always looking for possible new projects for 4th of July and other holidays

  8. My life is so busy…..but I have lots of craft "stuff" and when I see your simple, easy and fun videos it encourages me to get my crafting room together and get crafting!! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  9. Hey Heidi! My favorite was the 3 tier flower stand!! I really love how it looks!! Beautifully done❤💙🤍

  10. Absolutely dream about crafting. Love the flower pot stand.

  11. Love how Uncle Sam turned out, so stinking cute!

  12. I do as well. Then I look at YouTube and get lost on crafts!

  13. Loved Uncle Sam maybe trying this one

  14. I love the uncle Sam door hanger. That is adorable! Dreaming about crafting is relaxing and enjoyable. You are very talented.

  15. Hi. My name is Robin and saw Christis blog and came on over.

  16. Brilliant thoughts out of nowhere have been scientifically studied. They’ve found that when your brain isn’t TRYING to think of things, but rather in a relaxed free floating stage is the time people think of things they wouldn’t if they were trying. Most of the well known inventions have come to fruition in exactly this way. So no, you are definitely not alone in dreaming up new ideas.

  17. uncle sam the cutest craft ive ever seen i love him

  18. Super cute. I would have painted the skewers or stained them to give them a finished look.

  19. Love your channel.

  20. Great projects. I got caught drawing at church when i was a teenager because a crafting idea had cime to me. So i said it was God inspired. Still got grounded for not paying attention. Love the planter.

  21. Uncle Sam turned out super cute!! I've always wanted to make the flower pot project. Wasn't sure how to get them to stay like that.. I am so inspired. Tyfs. Love and blessings ❣️

  22. Loved these DIYs!! 🇺🇸

  23. Amazing and Beautiful Porch Summer America Decor Girl! Loving all these RED, WHITE, and Blue tutorials. ❤️🤍💙

  24. I think about projects while I'm working, sleeping, in the shower, driving, or even while I'm shopping. Girl, you are not alone lol

  25. Oh my! Such beautiful things! I loved them all. I am really excited to get into the Patriotic decor! I am working on some wooden firecrackers like the ones I saw pictured. I thank you for the inspiration.

  26. Uncle Sam is so cute. Love him. But the tipping pots planter is amazing. Thanks Heidi. I'll be checking Christi out as soon as I get home from work.

  27. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!,,, Love Lobe Love ALL your July 4th decorations.

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