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New here? Yay! Welcome to my channel 💕 My name is Katie. I’m a wife and mom of three – identical twin daughter who are 3 & a baby boy who is 1. I am currently pregnant with #4, expected to arrive late September-early October. I also work part time as an RN. I enjoy sharing cleaning motivation, DIY projects, home decorating and motherhood related content. I’m ALL about empowering other mothers, while also being realistic.💪🏻 I am far from perfect and aim for my content to portray that. I hope to be able to inspire other moms and women out there, because juggling everything can be intense sometimes. You are all beautiful + amazing. I would love to become friends, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Thank you so much for your time + support on my channel, it means the world to me.🌸

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Hey guys! Today I’m taking you along as I decorate my bathroom, farmhouse style! This bathroom was so making me feel bored so I had to change it up, but now I love it! Thank you all so much for watching and don’t forget to let me know in the comments below what upcoming videos you’d like to see!


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  1. Love but can’t find free printable for soap. Can you help? Just love this video! My favorite d I y was bar of soap and your label for amber jar

  2. You could've bought the metal pieces. Less work! Good job.

  3. Where did you get your soap bottle?

  4. Love your makeover! What color are your walls?

  5. Wow wow wow I love love everything nicely done. The first DIY is my favorite and the dish soap. By the just found your channel and I'm in love. You have a new Subscriber today 💕💕

  6. I love all of the decors and I’m definitely gonna subscribe.

  7. Omggggg how am I just now finding your channel?! I love love love this!! I'm about to renovate our guest bathroom and this gave me SO much motivation!!!

  8. Such talent! Love all your ideas, thank you!!

  9. The fake fancy soap is genius!! Love this!

  10. I like your bathroom signs!!! lol Its all cute!!

  11. I’m all for the cheapest way but did you price “L” shelf brackets that were already made? I wouldn’t have any way of making them.

  12. Checking our your store now! Love it! I am so buying the nice butt sign now!!

  13. Love love love this ❤️ I love DIYing and especially with farmhouse decor! Great job !

  14. My goodness. That bathroom is the size of my guest bedroom…😭

  15. I love it all! I had to work on like that for my new guest bathroom. You got yourself a new subscriber ! 😁

  16. I been looking for some ideas in how to make small shelf because I need to fill a small space and you give me some, thank you! I need to do some for all my nail polish.😍😘

  17. Congratulations for all the new things that are coming to you!

  18. I’ts so beautiful and inexpensive, you are great Katie!

  19. Love your signs 😍 Your DIYis are really cute 💕

  20. I love everything you two do.bathroom came out beautiful

  21. Your link didnt take me to your etsy shop and because you didnt tell us the name of your shop i wasnt able to look you up.

  22. It turned out beautiful! I love the dollar tree milk jugs too, great DIY! ❤️

  23. Love the signs, especially "NICE BUTT"! That is adorable!

  24. Great DIYs. Where did you find the amber glass soap dispensers?

  25. The toilet paper is going to fall into the toilet if you stack like that in actual usage.

  26. Love the shelfs. Ever thing looks great I'll definitely do this. Thanks for sharing xoxo

  27. Hi Katie, where did you get the Amber soap bottle from? Tyfs sweetie. I tried going to your Etsy shop by clicking on the link it took me somewhere else. I will try again. Also, how long are the rolling pins just the rolling part. There are so many on Etsy it's a frenzy on there. Ty. God bless.

  28. This video came in perfect time for me because I’m in the process of decorating my bathroom. I needed the inspiration and I totally loved everything especially the way you decorated the soaps with printables. Thanks for the nice ideas.

  29. Hi Katie, I want to order 2 of the rolling pins. Have to figure out how. I love these DIY'S!

  30. You know I love y'all and errrrything y'all do…great video & I love the b/w contrast of the shelves. Also congrats on the Store/IG…I love it!!!! Show us a bts video of Blue Farmhouse. Product concept, design , production and packaging…

  31. Wonderful farmhouse DIYS 👍💕Yes New Subscriber!!🙂Can't wait to see more!

  32. Love everything but that soap dish is my favorite!  So rustic!  Thank you for sharing!

  33. Simple ideas are the best. TYFS!

  34. Everyone needs to check out their Etsy shop if you haven't. I special ordered a sign and it's totally awesome. They have so much attention to detail and I love their work. I will definitely be buying more!!!💖💗

  35. Love the styling of the shelves

  36. No favorite..all your goodies are great!

  37. I look at everything with a coat of paint these days! Sheds a whole new light on up cycling what you already Have! So very pretty!!!I like what you did with the soap dish and soap!

  38. "Please seat yourself" and "nice butt" 😂 and the soap is so pretty! Awesome

  39. So cute! “Sometimes I don’t think things through” 🤣

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