Family Dollar Closes 400 Stores!!

Family Dollar Closes 400 Stores!!

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38 thoughts on “Family Dollar Closes 400 Stores!!

  1. If you or someone you know gets Government aid checks each month. FD store are there to suck that dry. Meaning, its denying Walmart and other small competitors from getting free gov money. Leech the streets, and distant titans will starve.

  2. Another thing my wife & I have noticed about Family Dollar is, whenever we visit their site, they never seem too add the prices on the products they sell. Oh sure, you see the products but you never see how much it'll cost. We theorize that they do this so you can never tell which products they raise the prices on. But what's funny is, we can go too a Walmart site, a Kroger site, & so on & see THEIR PRICES all the time. Just one more reason to NOT shop at Family Dollar. They'll find more ways of sticking it to their customers every time you step inside. My wife & I are so glad that we stopped shopping at Family Dollar. Not picking on them but I mean c'mon, we're talking Family Dollar. The prices shouldn't go up every time you go back inside. C'mon Family Dollar, you are not Bloomingdale's. So stop acting like you are. So pathetic what Family Dollar has become. So pathetic indeed.

  3. I would like to know why Family Dollar keeps raising their prices on just about everything we buy. My husband & I will not shop at Family Dollar no more because they think they are Macey's. We'll just shop online. Bye Family Dollar, you just lost 2 more loyal customers.

  4. Hey did you down load the smart coupon app save 5.00 on 25 dollars you can save big if you know how to shop

  5. STOP SAYING "SO" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT'S SO FUNNY???????????

  6. I do most of my shopping at Walmart and Dollar Tree. Dollar General is the other one we use. The Family Dollars in our general area definitely couldn't compete with those 3 stores. In fact, FD is no better than DG and they're usually worse. They're closing the ones here, because they didn't stand a chance with all the DGs and DTs in the area, combined with the Walmarts.
    Also have bought some RA at Dollar Tree, most def! Just starting, but its funny how stuff sells that only costs $1!

  7. Family dollars are probably the worst stores period , they literally prey on poor neighborhoods with overpriced crap , not surprised here at all this should have happened 10 years ago .Didn’t know dollar tree owns them surprising as all the dollar trees we have are really nice and well run as well as good value .

  8. I have resold dollar store stuff for a nice little profit, but its hit or miss.

  9. There is an Ollie on the way to the Salvation Army in Kissimmee, you pass it on the way to SA , if you come up VIa 192.

  10. Hi RockStar! Great video, thanks for the information as usual. I purchase a few things from Family Dollar with my FD App, I get my dog's favorite gravy train, and laundry soap, things like that at Family Dollar and when I use my app the digital coupons really help to save me some money and they also do something like Dollar General where they offer a $5 off $25 pre tax purchase so I save a lot of money on some of the items that I do purchase there, but I don't go there very often. I do shop at Dollar General more often than Family Dollar, Dollar General has penny items and every once in a while when I find out what the penny list is, I'll go treasure hunting. I have done RA at Dollar General as they have brand named items, but have stuck to just the toys. This last Christmas season when they had a huge sale on toys, I got $150 worth of brand name toys for $45. I donated some to toys for tots and sold some on ebay that ended up paying for my total purchase, so WIN! But my favorite discount store of the three mentioned is definitely Dollar Tree. I craft a lot as I sell my handmade items on Etsy and I purchase a lot of my supplies at Dollar Tree because the materials I work with ruin brushes and i'm not going to ruin a $10 brush when I can buy a pack of 12 for $1 that does the trick, keeps my costs down to make the items I sell on Etsy. Also I have done some RA at Dollar Tree, it is hit or miss and Dollar Tree's inventory is always changing, but I have to tell you, I have found some awesome things to sell on ebay and although I don't sell them for high dollar, I do bundle things and make between a $10-$15 gross profit on those items and they fly off my virtual shelves so I see those items as a way to get traffic to my store so they can see the other things I have for sale. I think you would like it too, just remember it is hit or miss so when you see something at Dollar Tree that looks like it would be profitable enough to pick up, take them all because they may not be there the next time you go, learned that the hard way. Happy Sunday, you are awesome! Have a wonderful day, I'm off to take pictures and list now!

  11. There is an Ollie’s in Kissimmee

  12. When people are on food stamps or are poor, they do not have luxury of buying large quantities per se. That’s where smaller quantities come in.

  13. Hmmm…didn't know Dollar Tree owns Family Dollar.

  14. I hope the ones in Montana closes down..I hate delivering to family dollars

  15. They just opened a new store near me and it's really nice as a convenience store. When you just have a craving for a snack or need a gallon of milk and don't want to go all the way to the grocery store.

  16. Well when you consider that dollar tree paid 8.5 billion for family Dollar and family Dollar has lost in the past 36 quarters 2.5 billion dollars then yes it's costing dollar tree tons of money…

    They would rather faze out the brand name than sell it so it can go on as a competitor.. why would they want more competition?? They have to make for this huge loss and losses to come until they complete the faze out!!!

    As a whole family Dollar doesn't have it's shit together it's very unorganised!! It's has gotten worse since dollar tree took over!!
    Family Dollar could have done more damage to dollar tree than they care to admit at this time!!

  17. I’d be curious to see if it’s even possible to make $$$ through retail arb at Family Dollar etc bc of everything being priced under $10

  18. Family Dollar and Dollar Tree should not be closing stores, they got a lot to gain with what is coming!

  19. I have never shopped at a family dollar, or a dollar general,

  20. I saw the article on CNBC yesterday. Jim Cramer said it was about time. Dollar General was doing well, but Family Dollar for some reason is sucking air. Personally, I go to Big Lots. Real sizes and good variety for food and drinks. Aldi's is Aldi's NA and Trader Joe's is Aldi's SA.

  21. Family Dollar is a discount chain. Main idea of the store is to sell smaller quantities of products cheaper so the poorer people can make their check last till they get some more money. Often found in walking distance of lower income neighborhoods. We have 2 family dollars within a mile of each other.

  22. I've never found Family Dollar to be a great place to shop. I can find most of the items I normally buy cheaper at other stores. It seems like everything I've looked at is always .15 to .25 cents higher than a competitor. I like certain items at Dollar Tree, especially the bonus packs. I prefer Dollar General to Family Dollar.

  23. Poor people. LOVE family Dollar, Dollar tree, Dollar general. That is where they grocery shop. That is where their children throw things on the ground and scream. That is where a "strong independent" single mother smacks her child and says "shut yo retarded ass up". I've seen it with my own eyes. It's not a business I would want any part of. I'm sure they make a ton of money but it's only ruining America and making the poor, government subsidized, people more reliant on that monthly check. Literally everyone can grow at least a portion of their own food FOR FREE! You get it.

  24. I live in rural North Carolina and I was a truck driver for the last 3 years. I'm 24. I have seen at least a few dozen new construction (under 1 year old) family Dollar stores during that time period. I wonder why family Dollar is actually closing 400 stores 🤔🤔🤔 maybe it's just rural areas in North Carolina where they are expanding but I think it's happening all of the US. Maybe they cast a wide net and spent a TON of money to newly construct a ton of stores and just cut the 5% or 10% that didn't work. "for you northern people" haha actually made me laugh.

  25. Some of the reasons they can get away with a little higher prices are: They are everywhere, every 5 miles or so and Also you can get in and out faster than a Walmart or Target. Thanks for the information.

  26. We went to a Family Dollar once in our town. It seem unorganized and over price. We never went back. We shop Dollar General and Dollar Tree which are to only two other stores like that in our town.

  27. The quantities have definitely shrunk

  28. I live in a lake resort town of 2,000 people. Family Dollar is my go to store for items I might get at Walmart. Walmart is 25 miles one way, while FD is 7 miles from our ranch. I love to shop home town grocery stores, then stop at FD for items that would be too expensive in a grocery store, ie: medicines, cleaning supplies, bath & body. I am grateful for our Family Dollar & Dollar General. Both are clean well stocked stores. The best part is that our Family Dollar is currently being remodeled and updated. Yay!! Thanks for the report.

  29. Great video! Thanks for taking us in the store!

  30. You know how much money I have saved by getting a bidet? Lol
    Take note 🤣

  31. Just about every family dollar I've been to has been sh**. They're always nasty, in horrible areas, and customer service sucks for lack of better words.

  32. I just shopped in Family Dollar earlier here in the Bronx (939 Tremont Ave/Store#11449). They have more shoplifters in there than real shoppers. The store was a mess. They can't keep regular workers there. Too much turnover. Your Family Dollar looks better than ours! 😶

  33. This is the first I've heard of this. Thank you for your sharing. I shop at Aldi's. Have a Nice Friday Night and a Great Weekend Casey!

  34. In my area there are a lot of run down and dirty family Dollars in abandoned shopping centers so it makes perfect sense to get out of them and build nicer stores this is what dollar general did 10 yrs ago and it is working perfectly

  35. The way you put the story together and presented it was sooooo much more easier to follow than anything the main stream media has reported. Well done!
    Yes I have sourced from Dollar Tree for Amazon in the past and actually did pretty good but eventually people find it too and the prices tank on Amazon.
    About the only really true deal at Dollar Tree is the $1 Coke in the 20 ounce bottle! Can't get it anywhere else that cheap, lol

  36. There are dozens of Ollie’s stores all over Florida. Google their Florida locations. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they are expanding down here. There’s one in Tampa on W Waters Avenue. Check it out!

  37. Dollar Tree is a great honest company

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