FALL TARGET Dollar Spot DIYS | Fall Target Dollar Spot DIY Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

FALL TARGET Dollar Spot DIYS | Fall Target Dollar Spot DIY Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

Wonderful Today I am using my TARGET Dollar Spot Haul Finds to create new, improved FALL DIY Decor! I was so happy with how these came out ye they are very simple to make! Let me know which one you like best! ♥

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41 thoughts on “FALL TARGET Dollar Spot DIYS | Fall Target Dollar Spot DIY Decor | Krafts by Katelyn

  1. Good morning Katelyn
    Love your make overs. You do a fantastic job and no one is perfect. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You can't make everyone happy. Do what makes you happy. Any nasty remarks just delete. You make you happy.. That's what matters! Have a fabulous day. God bless

  2. You always have a lovely handwriting in your projects! Loved all your DIYs; you're so creative‼️ My favorite are Fall videos!

  3. Yes I knew you got your hair done. It looks very nice!

  4. Oooh love Christmas more but need more fall decor! Love these crafts! Where did the enamel mug with the green truck come from?

  5. Both! Thank you for the video. I love the ideas.

  6. Katelynn, I love all your crafts, I watch all your videos. I am having a hard time seeing some of the crafts because of all the white, it is too bright in the background. I don't know if it is my computer or the lighting you use, just thought it was worth a mention. No matter, though, I will continue to watch!

  7. I Love Fall crafts more😀💕

  8. Your stuff is so creative. I love watching and relaxing

  9. I like making fall decor and decorating for fall.

  10. Hey beautiful 😍 everything is beautiful. I like all of them great diys 🤗🙌

  11. Awesome. Loved them all but l loved that first pumpkin best for my decor. Love your hair cut too. I didn't notice but I'm sure I pay more attention to what your working on🙃😁❤️

  12. I just like making crafts all year long. I don't think I could pick between Fall or Christmas. By the way I've been watching you for awhile now and think you do an amazing job!

  13. Oh I love Fall and Christmas both!!! I wish we had more separate seasons here in the South. It's Fall now, but temps still in the 90's. Your crafts are great!

  14. I am enjoying your projects so much. Love fall themes since I decorate from August 1st until thanksgiving, adding more color and texture while I switch out decor to keep it fresh and exciting.

  15. I’m a huge fan of all your crafts!!!! Girl you are awesome! Creative!

  16. Can't wait to see what you craft for Christmas.

  17. Loving all your videos! Happy Fall 🤗❤️

  18. Everything turned out lovely and I love the chalkboard one the best. It's simple and can be used in any decor style. I love both Fall and Christmas crafting but I love to craft all year round so I can't pick just one.

  19. Hi! New follower here.👋🏻 My three little girls and I love watching your videos together. You always have such great content and I'm in awe of the special little touches you think of. We've watched other YouTube crafters, but your calm, easy going vibe is so relaxing! 😊
    Last year I fell in love with forest animal Christmas decor. If you think it is still on trend, would you consider doing a couple diys with those? I'd love to see what you come up with!
    Looking forward to all the awesome videos to come! 😊

  20. Hi Katelyn!
    I noticed your haircut. Looks great!…💇‍♀️

  21. Another great video. I can’t decide between fall, Christmas. Keep them coming. Loved the truck

  22. I love Fall crafting alot more than Christmas. I love the colors of Fall. I live in Michigan and with Christmas comes snow. I'm not a huge fan of Snow, and the older I get the worse its getting. I need to move!

  23. You make such good crafts and cute ones too

  24. No need to defend yourself..I know I've heard you mention in past videos, that even though you may love the look of something you change it more to your liking …so don't sweat it. Also, there will always be people those people that feel like they have to add in something a little negative. Keep doing you!!!

  25. Love love your handwriting, also the lines you put on your projects. They were all just so great, hard to choose. Very talented… Thank you for sharing. Fall is my fav. time of year. Also like making Christmas projects too 🙂

  26. Christmas is definitely my favorite!! ❤️

  27. I noticed that you had cut your hair right away ! Looks good : )
    Very cute makeovers .

  28. All of them are just adorable honey

  29. I'm with you! I don't like to free hand either. I put dots on the letters like you put slashes. I like your truck sign the best.

  30. As always- beautiful diys! Thanks for sharing!! Love your hair- I noticed before you commented on it 😊 I can't choose which I like better- I love fall so much but I also love Christmas so much lol!

  31. Love this!! Love your channel!

  32. I really enjoy doing Christmas DIY's. Loved all of them

  33. Вы такая молодец!!! Спасибо за ваши идеи! Все очень красиво и со вкусом!

  34. Love all these !! Just be you and do what fits for your family !!😍

  35. Love all of them. The Hello Pumpkin sign and the chalkboard are my favorite. Love watching your tutorials and have just recently got my mom to start crafting. She gets bored since shes retired. Also, I have to ask. Where did you get that little mug with the truck on it? I love, love ,LOVE those trucks. Again, thank you for sharing. Always look forward to your videos.

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