Amazing Skip to 4:00 A year later I understand I wasn’t very helpful lol so let me explain I used a stipple sponge ( u can also use the hair donut that you can buy at the dollar store) and I used a chalky brown contour / eyeshadow that I also got at the dollar store because I didn’t want to ruin my nice makeup

Makeup that I used:

Anastasia eyebrow dip-
Liquid foundation-
Stick foundation-
For the freckles use any brown u can find
Setting spray-

Makeup tools:
Beauty blender-
Makeup brushes ( I can’t find mine so here’s a super good set I found for u guys!)-
Freckles sponge- value village/ dollarama

Instagram: li_grin

Thanks to source

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40 thoughts on “FAKE FRECKLES IN 20 SECONDS (4:00)/ DIY FRECKLES

  1. it really took sis 4:03 mins to make freckles i

  2. That was the longest 20 secondsof ma lifeee

  3. “I have freckles and life’s great”.

  4. Wow is said if u have freckles then idk why ur watching this video I mean like anyone can watch it so..

  5. I have freckles but I want more so they could show up more

  6. I love it and i try it too

  7. “Now I have freckles and life’s great”
    – this adorable bean 2k19

  8. Aww she kinda looks like Rosalia

  9. Ohh girl you look sooo pretty …. you have god blessed beauty 💕💕💕💕💕

  10. WhTs the exact makeup for the freckles??

  11. lol you didn’t even reveal what you used for the freckles instead of saying “brown” – thanks for nothing

  12. I have fake freckles and those don’t look realistic bc u put highlighter on and and didn’t put on tip of ur nose or on lower part of face bc if u do ur for head that mean u have freckles all over ur face

  13. they look like blackheads

  14. Am I doing something wrong? I tried but rather than dots it gives me like wierd patchy octagon shapes. Please help!

  15. What song was that in the starting?

  16. Where can I get that sponge to apply freckles? please

  17. here's my 6 minute video on how to make fake freckles in 20 seconds

  18. You think you’re so cool but really you’re not

  19. Where my born with freckles gang at ?

  20. You have beautiful straight hair

  21. She talks to much …this is about freckles but she does her eye brows ..

  22. Looks like dirt (no hate)😂

  23. That’s Cute!!😁👍🏼
    Imma try this!! I hope it works!

  24. i really want this to work for me but i tried it and my skin literally looked like i had dirt smeared on my nose and cheeks

  25. i have freckels but not very many so i wanted to try this out

  26. This is the BEST freckles video I’ve ever seen 💓💓

  27. 20 seconds for fake freckles in a 6 minute video. Wonky amiright?

  28. I decided to put a little then more and more fake freckles to make it look natural

  29. K P

    She actually tells you at 4:04
    Ur welcome

  30. Who else has natural freckles 😂🥰

  31. Yall over here tryna get freckles and being a pale blonde its like my curse the darn freckles literally randomly pop up after going in the sun all day I'll have at least 12 new freckles on my face or body and I use makeup to cover it up now everyones using makeup to fake them I dont get life everyone calls them ugly on me I was told I'd be prettier without freckles on my nose and cheeks yasss I'm freaking hating how can everyone be faking them and those with them naturally get made fun of 😒

  32. She said 20 seconds but the video is 6 mins long

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