EXTRA LARGE Dollar Tree Haul OUTSTANDING Items | Ideas | Update On Ruby| Aug 30

EXTRA LARGE Dollar Tree Haul  OUTSTANDING Items | Ideas | Update On Ruby| Aug 30

Super Come With Me To A PHENOMENAL Dollar Tree ❤ SO MANY AMAZING NEW ITEMS/Aug 28:

10 Dollar Tree Items I LIKE & DISLIKE/ Let me Explain & Show You Why:

Come With Me To ~4~ Dollar Trees 💕PHENOMENAL NEW ITEMS 💕 Must See | Aug 27:

Dollar Tree Haul 💕 All NEW💕Hope To Make You Laugh/ Need Your Help🙂:

Dollar Tree Haul | All New Items | Quick Trip To DT | Aug 23:

Dollar Tree Haul 》All New Items 》Bonus Ending:

Come With Me To ~°4°~ FANTASTIC Dollar Trees ❤AMAZING NEW FINDS |Aug 21:

SIX *6*🎃Dollar Tree Halloween DIYS~Simple & Fun👻://

Dollar Tree Haul🌳/ Great NEW Items❤:

Dollar Tree Haul~ All Wonderful New Items~ Hope To Make You Laugh:

Dollar Tree DIY: 3D LED Buffalo Black & White Plaid Farmhouse Pumpkin🎃AMAZING Turnout ❤More Ideas:

Come With Me To A *PHENOMENAL* Dollar Tree ♡ So Many NEW FINDS| Aug 15:

Come With Me To The Dollar Tree 🌳FANTASTIC FINDS!! WOW😯:

Come With Me To *2* AMAZING Dollar Trees❤SCORE!!! Must Watch| CLEARANCE ALERT | Aug 13:

Large Dollar Tree Haul ❤ Ideas 💕 Funny🤪 BONUS~Aug 11:

Dollar Tree Haul 🌳 All New Items ❤ Aug 9:

Come With Me To ~`2`~ Dollar Trees/ More New Items/Aug 8:

Come With Me To ~°2°~ Wonderful Dollar Trees/AMAZING NEW ITEMS /Aug 7:

SIX *6*🎃Dollar Tree Halloween DIYS~Simple & Fun👻:

Dollar Tree Haul 🌳 All New Items/ 2 DT DIY’s💕 Aug 4:

9 Dollar Tree DIYS/ Black & White Buffalo Plaid Farmhouse Theme~ MUST WATCH:

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39 thoughts on “EXTRA LARGE Dollar Tree Haul OUTSTANDING Items | Ideas | Update On Ruby| Aug 30

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your dogs they always make me smile!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄

  2. My DT doesn’t have those makeup brushes, but they are excellent for color blending in card making.

  3. The lip tint was a good color for you, but you took too much off LOL. I love how you open most everything up, you know you’re the only one that does that?! And you crack me up!

  4. Nice haul and the lip gloss looks good on you…Glad to hear Ruby is doing good.. tfs😉☺💖

  5. Happy that Ruby is doing fine! ❤

  6. I wish I could afford to always take my cats and dogs all the time to a vet but unfortunately I can’t

  7. Hey girl! Did you know that you never look at your viewers during your videos and it's a really easy fix? I totally never knew this until someone pointed it out to me one day, because I guess I was never looking at the right spot on the camera either. I was looking at the camera screen instead! If you look into the camera lens…you are then looking at us! Not sure if you knew that because you're always looking to the side in all your videos. Love your videos and hope you don't mind this tip. 🙂

  8. What shampoo and conditioner do you use on your hair cause you hair is lovely

  9. The exact same thing happen to my friend’s English Bulldog. His face swelled up and they did the same treatment but was unsure exactly what caused it. I hope Ruby get feeling better soon.

  10. Hi Jenny beautiful haul thank you for sharing Glad to hear ruby is doing better have wonderful weekend

  11. Ok…so blood work for ALL 3 dogs is $70…or $70 per dog? The lowest price for a standard blood panel in my area $170…..add office visit. Did find heart worm test for $55 + $50 (lowest) office visit.

  12. You look so pretty in that lippy. Glad your baby is ok!! Xo

  13. I bet you have an LG dryer! Mine sings the same song 😂😂 glad Ruby is better! Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

  14. oops you just said Indiana LOL

  15. I love the way you love your pets! ❤️

  16. Love these items. But who puts on make up with bristles

  17. 👍👍👍🤗🐶🐕🐾😁🇺🇸

  18. Love all your new finds. The brushes are super cool not that I know anything about contouring either 🤣😂. So happy Ruby is doing better and nothing serious. Have a great weekend!😎

  19. Oh my goodness! My dryer sounds just like that. I heard yours and thought “I didn’t have anything in the dryer, did I?” I thot u was losing my mind! You made me laugh! Love your videos

  20. Love your top..need to tell us where you bought it…lol

  21. Hi Jenny, Great haul!! Love all stickers, they are so cute!! The lipstick looks so pretty on you!! TFS!! God bless and have a fabulous and safe weekend!!Happy Ruby is feeling better xxx

  22. Happy Friday! Great video and haul as always! Thanks for sharing!! Glad Ruby is doing well!!!! Happy Labor Day weekend!!

  23. So happy Miss Ruby is better. I am the same love stickers and unusual pens and notebooks. I found 2 Barbie blouses today only ones I have found. But my niece will be happy. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Hugs.

  24. So glad Ruby is doing better…..I've never heard a dryer sound like that….pretty cool

  25. Love the lip color on you!!!! Watch your videos every day! I'm looking for the makeup brushes!

  26. Those are really nice rugs. The crafter square stickers are awesome. I liked the crafter square kitchen stickers, reminds me of Betty Crocker lol

  27. Great finds ! Happy to hear Ruby is doing good 😊

  28. 5:22 use that for eyeliner or for doing your eyebrows

  29. So happy Ruby is doing better! I agree that pets are worth it! After all, they are family members!

  30. Thanks for sharing! Glad Ruby is better🐶! The lip gloss looked really pretty on you!!

  31. I need those stickers, and the brushes !! Thanks for sharing

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