Episode 1: Screamstress Sewing Essentials and Ltd. Edition Fiskars Spiderweb Scissors Giveaway

Episode 1: Screamstress Sewing Essentials and Ltd. Edition Fiskars Spiderweb Scissors Giveaway

Amazing Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to my Reap What You Sew Channel!

I am the Owner & Designer of Agashi by Christina O. My handmade to order designs are entirely produced, by myself and a few Studio Assistants, from our studio in Philadelphia, PA. We proudly upcycle over 90% of our fabric scraps. My ‘Reap What You Sew DIY’ section includes all of the current DIY Kits online at Step-by-step Tutorials for each kit will be uploaded bi-monthly.

Today’s video is all about my Sewing Essentials. These are all the basic tools needed to sew along with my DIY Kit Tutorials. I will have a second Sewing Essentials video for additional supplies soon.


To celebrate the launch of my new channel and the New Year, I am offering one lucky winner the Limited Edition Fiskars Spiderweb Scissors Set! To enter, you must comment below with your Instagram handle. You must follow me on Instagram (@agashibychristinao) and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. This giveaway is open for all worldwide subscribers/followers. You can only enter once and the deadline is New Years’ Eve 11:59pm EST. One winner will be chosen on New Years’ Day. I will be sliding into the winner’s Instagram DM inbox. Good luck everyone!!

To be considered in the giveaway:
1. Follow Christina on Instagram:
2. Comment on this video with your instagram handle
3. Subscribe to Christina’s Youtube channel

Most of these sewing essentials can be purchased at (frequent sales plus use their coupons!!) and

Thank you so much for watching!! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe for more sewing tutorials!!


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31 thoughts on “Episode 1: Screamstress Sewing Essentials and Ltd. Edition Fiskars Spiderweb Scissors Giveaway

  1. So excited to see your turorials! I sew mostly bags and accessories and started to sew scarves but I've been wanting to sew clothing for years! ❤

    IG onyx_draven

  2. I’m so excited 🖤🖤🖤

  3. 😱😱😱😱 so excited to see what you'll post!!!!!

  4. So excited 🖤🕷🕸 can’t wait to see more!!

    Instagram: gabbyrosina

  5. So excited for this! I'm passionate about lingerie and have been wanting to start sewing for ages. 2020 is the year 🥳🤓

    Instagram @hellotherecaroline

  6. I'm so excited for upcoming videos! Instagram: kickemupjenny

  7. I'm excited for this series! Was wearing one of your robes watching it. 💜

    Instagram @libidinousfemme

  8. I've sewn on and off nearly all my life, even attended college for apparel design but ultimately ended up doing something else. This summer I got the sewing bug again and have made several garments. I'm currently finishing the final hem for my NYE outfit.
    One thing I've never quite been able to get the details right on is lingerie – so I am beyond excited to have you doing this series. Can't wait to see all the pieces in the collection.
    Instagram: @patriciashleigh

  9. I'm excited to learn more about sewing from someone I feel more fashionably connected to. I always liked sewing together blankets for my baby brother when I was younger and now sewing different things for my niece and nephew, but clothing seems so intimidating. Excited to see what is to come.

    instagram: new_moon_nari

  10. Instagram: @spkdamonkey
    Thank you… I sm such a big fan ♡

  11. Yay!!! Congratulations gorgeous so excited for more of your videos! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉 Oh ps it’s @manku_geal from Instagram hahhaha 🙈🥰💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  12. Sew looking forward to your upcoming video's!

  13. @dansemacabre_debbie IG. Very excited to start doing these tutorials! I haven't sewn anything in years and want to get back into it with designs I actually like

  14. This is amazing! I’m super excited to see your upcoming content! Instagram: SpiritMamaStorm

  15. This is really cool! I'm excited to see what you show us!

    Instagram: dieterandthewolf

  16. Really excited for this channel. I cant wait to sew my own bras that actually fit!

  17. @darq_devotion I love you're work and Instagram page! So happy to see you on YouTube c:

  18. Ohh am I going to look forward to your uploads, love your creations xx
    Ig: rougecocker

  19. Sooo excited to see what videos you post! Instagram: @grim_candy

  20. Thank you!! I can’t wait to see more!! @brinplourde is my IG

  21. @itsbignads

    I've been subscribed to both your Youtube and Instagram for ages, thank you so much for this video and for the competition!
    I'm a big fan of your content and style. I could follow you purely for aesthetics if I wasn't crazy interested in your sewing skills <3

  22. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make my own* clothing (lingerie included because I’m very picky) so I’m so thankful that you started this channel! My insta name is @graveyardghoulx !

  23. I’ve been following you for quite a few years now and I’m beyond excited that you’re doing this!! I do cosplay and would love to actually sew my outfits but I’m a total newb lol. Also I someday dream of commissioning you for my future wedding dress 🖤🖤🖤 my Instagram is: @kahelekreations thanks

  24. I'm sooooo excited!!!! I'm a drag queen sewing for about a year and half to produce a new head to toe look every week. I'm trying to phase out fast fashion and switch to sustainable clothes.

  25. I can’t wait for your tutorials!!! I’ve always wanted to design my own clothes, so I’m really excited to learn from someone as amazingly talented as you!

    Instagram: @t.k.willi_

  26. Looking forward to your future videos! I'm excited to finally be able to learn how to make lingeie from my favorite shop! 😍🖤
    IG: @dropdead_brenda

  27. I'm so excited for this! I literally got my sewing machine for Christmas and my husband already got me a lot of the things on your essentials list! Though I really want a black measuring tape now!
    Instagram: hauntedherbivore

  28. I’m so excited to learn how to make my own clothes. I adore your work.🥺 @halloweenhailey

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