Eating At The Best Reviewed Food Truck In Los Angeles (5 STAR)

Eating At The Best Reviewed Food Truck In Los Angeles (5 STAR)

Great I think we may have found the BEST Reviewed Food Truck in all of Los Angeles, not only is It the best but most famous food truck too?
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LOCATION: 731 East Slauson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90011


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Hi I’m Brennen. I’ve been eating food for 24 years. I’m basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:

Check out:

Family friendly pg clean
PO BOX: 3844 Chatsworth CA 91313-3844

Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series

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42 thoughts on “Eating At The Best Reviewed Food Truck In Los Angeles (5 STAR)

  1. When are you gana bring back the freaky Friday

  2. Bro that’s literally down the street from me lol

  3. I never ate taco's but it looks very jmammie i think im gonna try it one day but i dont live in LA but in Belgium a little bit to far for try it there:(((

  4. these the type of tacos you classify to as “ tacos “ not the taco bell junk called “ tacos “

  5. Any body here my fortunate life choices from brennen

  6. Man I just told my momma right now to make some birria so I can make these tacos

  7. But did he mention how the recipe is stolen from @BirreriaGonzalez?

  8. He actually went outside of Hollywood lol, he came into the hood

  9. I have a question Brennan do you know why Sam and Colby are posting

  10. “It literally feels like I’m in Mexico”. the way he said that made my penis retract into my pelvis

  11. Fuck you I mad u for not feeding the dog

  12. Dude fix your hair please that's not your style

  13. Ngl your parted hair is ugly doesn’t suit you

  14. Brennen trying way too hard to become an eboy after installing tiktok. PLEASE stop embarrassing yourself brennen.

  15. MuLITAS not Mulutas🤦🏻‍♂️. You have to try tacos Jaliscos shrimp tacos in Boyle heights

  16. Your ass will be on fire but your gays

  17. Tacos make great game day food on the west side go sundevils 🔱

  18. Im used to tacos in Mexico so I’m pretty hard to impress with American tacos. I wouldn’t mind trying them though!

  19. Where is kim could you please make another gofundme I will donate.

  20. Billy just be eating and enjoying his food while jake and Bremen just talking lmao

  21. I’ve never eaten authentic Mexican food before

  22. "Drive out if you're not even close"
    Me: on the other side of the whole country
    That's a whole ass week of driving to get there for some damn tacos ;-;

  23. Police escort .. really.. you bring more attention to you that way

  24. Is crazy how i love so close there and i didn't know about this place i have to go try it out looks so good

  25. I can’t go there cause 6 hour drive plus traffic and I’m inpatient
    The closest airport is 40 min away

  26. Go to worst rated restaurant in Houston

  27. when billy took a bite and left the tiniest piece on the plate-

  28. Go try food at the homeless shelter. You said you tired the worst it the worst. Nah

  29. Carnitas El Momo should be your next spot, watch their munchies episode on Vice heart warming in everway! Pls goo 🙌🏼

  30. I love this place , I always go after school with my friends

  31. You should do another video with Gregory K. Gallup (from your popular KFC Mukbang Video) He seems to be back on his feet a year later

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