Dumpster diving haul free Halloween decorations and free clothes!!

Dumpster diving haul free Halloween decorations and free clothes!!

Super What kind of treasures are in the dumpster? Do dumpsters stink? Can you believe how wasteful humans are? Today I went out with nwi diver dumpster diving at micheals, petco, party city, dollar tree, and dollar general. Not everything you find in the dumpsters is expired you can find brand new clothes and decorations. Dumpster diving saves so much from the landfills but if you consider diving in the dumpsters check local laws. #dumpsterdiving #retaildumpster #dumpster
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26 thoughts on “Dumpster diving haul free Halloween decorations and free clothes!!

  1. Glad ya'll saved what you did, hope you put that candy in a pinata and have some fun.

  2. I can’t believe all that stuff would’ve ended up in a landfill. That’s just……..smh…. i’m at a loss for words and I’m a radio DJ

  3. Wow! all those lollies!! Crickets have an expiration date??? yet they're still alive!! So much good stuff is thrown out its mind-boggling! One mans trash is another man's treasure! $86 in costs of the clothing!!!

  4. It's amazing what these big shop's will chuck away we have the same problem over here in the Highlands. My mate he works for a local supermarket and the stuff he tells me that goes to waste is unreal he takes some of it home lol he not ment to but he does lol. We can be charged for going into a dumpster up here. It's crazy.😀👍👍

  5. It crazy that all that stuff is thrown away instead of donated!

  6. Holy shiitake mushrooms, you’ve got quite the loot there!! I’ve never dumpster dived before, but always intrigued to try it out, and this makes me even more itchy to try it out😂 kindest regards and positive vibes💫

  7. its so said what stores throw away. Im so glad people like you do what you do and donate it to people and kids in need.

  8. Glad your putting these companies on blast.. It is so upsetting how much they actually throw out.. food I can get but brand new toys and clothes….. They don't go out of date.. why would you throw them ??????

  9. Awesome Intro. My grandma taught me to dumpster dive back in the late 70s. She was a pioneer, lol. You really scored some cool stuff. Really sad about the crickets, what a shame.

  10. It really opens your eyes to what gets thrown away by the stores, thanks for sharing you got some great stuff 🤗👍🇬🇧✨

  11. Stores are very wasteful….your right.they should donate the stuff!

  12. More crickets good for you! And so wasteful for sure! Love baby clothes now since I had grand baby girl!

  13. WTH…I can't believe the amount of good stuff stores toss out…score for you.

  14. I didn’t see you get ANY of that Dollar General stuff! $86 worth of clothes!!! That’s insane! Such a waste, but so glad we got there when we did! As always, had a great time with you. Can’t wait to do it again! ❤️

  15. And yes, I agree #R5 collabing is fun

  16. That's so sad about them poor crickets

  17. Aaaaaw, that panda blanket was sooo cute!🐶🐾🐺🌷

  18. wow what wasteful and crickets are crickets lizard food

  19. I can watch these all day. Great finds.

  20. Hey was nice be on your stream miss your streak so much. I been working a lot lol

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