Dumpster diving, at craft stores, the dumpster gave me flowers!

Dumpster diving, at craft stores, the dumpster gave me flowers!

Super Dumpster diving, flowers, food, and Halloween cards massive dumpster haul! mystery finds galore from these dumpsters this week I went to dollar tree, dollar general, family dollar, joanne fabric, and old navy and a lot of stuff was found. Joann fabrics was a great find for my crafty friends and dollar general came through with lots of food. I have a question have you ever thought of sending halloween cards to friends and family? what would you do with all these cards? #dumpsterdiving #dumpster #free

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13 thoughts on “Dumpster diving, at craft stores, the dumpster gave me flowers!

  1. Nice score! I always love your videos! Not sure how I missed this one. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lol is that oreos and relish I see in the background weeeeeeee

  3. U r lucky dumpster diving . Thanks for sharing

  4. Maybe some day ill try Dumpster diving sounds like a fun adventure.

  5. Great Haul and they certainly throw away alot of things un-necesserily and what a waste when you think about it. They could so much of it all to even a charity who l am sure could use it too.

  6. All kinds of goodies. Thanks for sharing. I wish they would donate more to shelters instead of just throwing things away. I'll be waiting on my Halloween card next year🤣. Good luck on your next dive.


  8. Those card are cute for grand parents to send to little ones

  9. I never been and i don;t know about dumpster , cool stuff, and flowers. enjoy your day.L5

  10. Yes you got you a great haul…wish we had a candle store here …..

  11. You can't buy Halloween cards over here, they are very cute!🐶🌷🐺

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