Dropshipping During The Christmas – 5 Top Tips

Dropshipping During The Christmas – 5 Top Tips

Great Christmas is almost here. Now it’s the last chance to grab the huge profits of this holiday season!
In the video, I explained about the top 5 tips for Christmas.
– How to maximize profits?
– How to avoid negative feedbacks and angry customers AFTER Christmas?
– What to do AFTER Christmas to keep selling and enjoy the traffic that we got to our store?
And many other special tips.
MUST watch the video.

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6 thoughts on “Dropshipping During The Christmas – 5 Top Tips

  1. how u can handle all zip codes if you list `100 product per day ?

  2. Are you using the API version or Non-Api version?

  3. If I already have items listed on ebay, then I start using AutoDS. Will AutoDS automatically integrate those products that I already have listed on ebay into its system?

  4. Why assume we all dropshipping into the US?

  5. I'm still stuck at 10 products on eBay. Hopefully by next Christmas time I can have 100 products to list

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