DoorDash driver salary ( My real weekly income driving for DoorDash )

DoorDash driver salary ( My real weekly income driving for DoorDash )

Amazing Real DoorDash driver salary.

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21 thoughts on “DoorDash driver salary ( My real weekly income driving for DoorDash )

  1. How do you dash 10 hours a day? Is your area busy? Because I can only do certain hours in my area, restricting the hours I want to work

  2. Thank you for keeping it, short, concise, real, and informative.

  3. This was great and helpful thanks

  4. Your video was very informative, thank you.

  5. Why are you no longer doing Uber?

  6. Why dont door dashers just wait tables? I made at least $25 per hour and usually closer to $35 per hour. And that wasn't including the $5.00 per hour wage I received. I don't get it. Plus the gas, wear on your car, and greatly increased likelyhood of getting into a traffic accident.

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  8. Your figures might be a little higher if you worked during the weekend and had your off-days during the week.

  9. Thanks for sharing! How many hours you work for DoorDash?

  10. 25 dollars a day on gas damn u must be driving all over the place lol

  11. This is much more helpful and informative than the "make $800 a week with Doordash" videos.

  12. Then subtract .20 cents a mile for wear and tear and your profits tank. So if you drive for 10 hours a day and put a minimum of 10 miles on your car each hour of operation then you spend $20 (0.20*100) per day in wear and tear (oil changes, tires, future repair expenses). I'm not going to include the remaining 24 cents (IRS recommends 54 cents per mile.) since that would go towards gas. That means you would make a gross profit of 671-100= 571 (or 571*4*12)/2080 = $13.17/hour ($27,408/year), and after taxes your net profit would be 571*(1-0.2)=$457 (or 457*4*12)/2080 = $21,926 / year. Not a bad job for a side gig.. or a 16 year old kid. But don't expect to live lavishly.

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  14. You always show this Bullshit. Show it on the phone like everybody else

  15. One of the most helpful videos on the pay

  16. I recommend you find a different car insurance policy cheaper than that to keep cost low and change r your cell phone make it cheaper if possible find out how many gigs you use a month to keep cost low also figure out what hours are actually worth driving and when it is busy takes a bit to find out but eventually you do all at the same time every market is different but those are my opinions and thoughts bro much luck with it and thanks for the video

  17. Thanks for the breakdown sharing

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