DON'T PICK THE WRONG $10 VS $10,000 MONEY CARD challenge!

DON'T PICK THE WRONG $10 VS $10,000 MONEY CARD challenge!


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29 thoughts on “DON'T PICK THE WRONG $10 VS $10,000 MONEY CARD challenge!

  1. XD why did you not go to the gugic store

  2. Who’s been a fan before 2019 and 2020

  3. Maybe paul should have just bought a car or something😂 thats kinda sad for paul

  4. Paul should have went to the apple store lmao

  5. Paul you can go to best buy or apple store

  6. I hate u jeddah and amerag

  7. Paul you could of went to Best Buy

  8. If I was paul I would of buy all electric and give them out..❤😝 but love you guys

  9. Tell me how can we play slimeatory game

  10. You like that store because it is call ed dicks and condoms

  11. Show me to give them 20 or 30 minutes or 40 or 50 minutes

  12. Jeddah never said if Paul didn't spend 10'000 dollars he could not get the stuff

  13. Why does pual and Amheera has to give you Money and not to pual or Amheera and one More thing why are you Fate Jeddah ?…..

  14. Why dosnt Paul just get an iphone 11 pro

  15. Ya Paul Girl aAlways go first did you know

  16. 10 should have 5 minutes 100 should have 10 minutes and 1000 should have 1 hour

  17. If me…I take everything coz it's 10,000 not 10 😂

  18. Hey jedda your a copycat your copying morgz challenge

  19. this is how many people that think jeddah is annoying sometimes


  20. Last to leave the food pantry or last to leave the garage

  21. Paul you should go next time to best buy

  22. U guys should do the One hand Challenge whoever wins gets $10,000

  23. I would've got what I wanted for the first 9 mins then on the last min I'd buy a tv. (for the 10,000)

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