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43 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Valentine's Display Like You've Never Seen Before! WOW!

  1. Thanks for doing that video. I love seeing what people have at there dollar tree.

  2. We can't get over one holiday without stores advertising another. It is so commercialized.

  3. We put up our tree early because everyone else did and now I'm ready to take it down before Epiphany (I won't). But Valentine's Day-not ready for it yet. God bless.

  4. In grade school, we would take shoe boxes and decorate them with stickers and things, and punch a slot on the top to put everybody's Valentine's day cards in them.

  5. I have that "Follow Your Heart" sign already from Dollar Tree.

  6. Barely get Christmas over and there’s Valentine’s Day and not even the new year yet wow we…

  7. Valentines day wow..!! Got to fly to Us fond me a girl in New York

  8. It is great to plan and organize ahead ,you safe yourself last minute shopping headaches.

  9. Wow is right! 😃 It looks like a bigger valentine selection than walmart stores! 🥰❤️👍

  10. Glenda, Love Dollar Tree. Thankyou for the tour..have a great day!! From Debbie and her new tiny chihuahua Dexter in Southern California💞💞

  11. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by to show love and support. I hope you can sub back. Merry Christmas! 🎄

  12. Always FUN at the $ Tree! ThanX for taking us along.

  13. Wow they waste no time getting stuff out for the next holidays do they.

  14. The stores here started putting up their Valentine's Day displays a few days before Christmas. In fact for Christmas my sister Marion bought me a Valentine's day nightshirt. And l love it it's so comfortable and it's a 2xlg. I went down another size. I just wish that holidays weren't so commercialized then they would feel extra special. I hope that you have a great day,Glenda.

  15. I think the manager of that dollartree has ocd everything is so orderly.I know i have ocd.

  16. Angel girl, don't you think that Christmas Day went to fast? I sure do. God bless you and your family too Angel girl
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you.

  17. No shade towards you but Valentines is a ridiculous made up day just to make Americans spend money on junk, overdone flowers and roses (my husband and I don’t celebrate) I love him every day. Maybe its for young lovers. Otherwise just waste of time and money making greeting cards makers (with someone else’s words) and candy makers RICH! lol! Every day should be cherished with your loved one. Not a fan! And can you believe two days after Christmas they’ve got this junk out?

  18. Miss Glenda, what a treat to see you on YT – Valentines in Dec.
    it does seem abit early, we still have a tree – lol
    Have the Fun Week 💚

  19. Valentine's day means my aniversary is coming. We had valentine's theme. Heart candy dishes on each table and reeces peanut butter hearts. And sweetart hearts. Will be 14 years. I will check out our dollar tree today.

  20. Hello there beautiful!!💜Got to get out!!Health is bad right now!!💜Breathing problems!!💜Christmas came to me !

  21. Goodness me! Valentines day stuff already???🤪

  22. Hey, Glenda girl, you out bright & early, browsing around. I surely wish they wouldn't rush to the nexy holiday. Really, we havn't even had New Year's yet. That's just the name of the game in retail, i guess. Get my merchandise out before the other stores, so maybe i'll out sell them. But, now, Glenda, the decorations for Valentine's are beautiful, not at all you fault that Dollar Tree already have them out. Have a spectacular day. Blessings w/lotsa love from your Mississippi Sister. 💖💖💕💕💖💖

  23. valentines already, goodness. i'm trying to savor christmas yet 🙂 that's how the DT is though. buy it when u see it or it will be gone.

  24. But I can’t let one holiday get over with before they shove something else in our faces

  25. Ugh why did you have to do this too ME!,LOL heading to D.T now….up and running!have a wonderful day 😉👍🏻💖

  26. I love all the Valentine’s Day stuff. Great project items.

  27. Are you kidding me? The eggnog hasn't even worn off my breath yet and they have the Valentines day display out???? And I thought I was being a scrooge for having put all of my Christmas decorations away!

  28. Merchandise, merch merch merch, stuff stuff stuff. I’m exhausted after the frenzied commercial season. Now comes Valentine’s.

  29. We have Dollar General. Think Dollar Tree has more to offer. My Birthday falls on Valentine Day. Thank you so much for the Christmas card Glenda.

  30. You are right Glenda. The store was very tidy and the merchandise neatly in its place. There was a wide variety of valentine decorations as well. Thanks for taking us along.

  31. Who waitin for you to upload just so they can thumb down? 🤣 y'all need to work on getting a life for New Years ⌛

  32. I was out shopping for deals on Dec 26 and yes stores had Valentine's already…..when did they do these displays? They must have come in at 4am!

  33. Good morning Glenda..the dollar store has lots of cute stuff.hope you are having a wonderful day.

  34. Hey GLENDA, you up sending your video out early . I enjoy going to these stores shopping and looking , I've been totally homebound for a lot of years and I miss it a lot . I miss just sitting on the porch , or taking a ride . Enjoy your life everyone you still have quality left and yall pray for me 💜 thank you . GLENDA, have a great weekend💖

  35. Oh goodness those Valentine's things are adorable ….

  36. Anonymous

    I look forward to more videos.Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  37. Lots of cute Valentines Day decor out. Thank you for sharing Glenda!!!💝

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