DOLLAR TREE Valentine's Day Budget Friendly DIYS – Collab Challenge with Heidi Sonboul

DOLLAR TREE Valentine's Day Budget Friendly DIYS – Collab Challenge with Heidi Sonboul

Watch how I use Dollar Tree and other affordable products to create 3 BUDGET FRIENDLY VALENTINE’S DAY DIYs.

WREATH DISPLAY: 9.8 foam wreath, 2 socks, string, hot glue, felt, ribbon, frame, decorative paper, Mod Podge Spray [if you would like]

STRIPED LOVE SIGN: Dollar Tree cutting board, soap dish, oil-based Sharpie marker, Fix All glue, hot glue, Waverly Chalk Paint in White & Ink [Black], painter’s tape, felt, string

JAR VASE: Jar, sandpaper, Waverly Chalk Paint in Pink [or White & Red], ribbon, flowers [hydrangeas], hot glue

These Valentine’s Day DIYs are very cool with the black and white theme mixed with the pinks. I hope you like them as much as I do. Remember, you can always modify any DIY to suit your home décor.
I love how all 3 projects turned out. I hope you do as well… BE INSPIRED!

And as always, thanks for watching!

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Hi! Welcome to my channel, According to KAT. I am a mom, wife, teacher, and creator. I enjoy making handmade accessories & décor on a budget. I would describe my style as Modern Farmhouse with a rustic flair; along with an appreciation of Mid-Century Modern décor.
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31 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE Valentine's Day Budget Friendly DIYS – Collab Challenge with Heidi Sonboul

  1. I’m new. Hello from Arkansas. I’m looking for centerpieces for my church Valentine party. The jar idea it was really cute. Keep up the good work

  2. I feel the same way about finishing backs. It just makes it look so much nicer. I love the bamboo tray idea so cute.

  3. I really liked the striped sign. Next is the vase. 3rd is the wreath! Truly they are all great! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  4. 🌹love them all Kat!! Happy New Year! ( : The socks on the wreath was genius! ( : I was trying to figure out what you used and never would've guessed fluffy socks!! Soooo smart and fun! ( : Great job on all crafts! ( :

  5. 🌸 🙋🏻‍♀️ new 👍🏻

  6. They all have a super look to them.

  7. I’m leaving a 2nd comment bc I’m special like that 🤪 I actually had my Cricut for a year before fully learning to use it. I had did a few sample projects & didn’t get into it…now I’m addicted and use it alllllll the time!

  8. Lol it cracked me up hearing u debate what u wanted & changing ur mind 😂 I am the queen of it & it drives my husband nuts!

  9. I promise I laugh out loud when I watch you. You brighten my day! I love your ideas, my favorite is the sign.

  10. Hi Kat :)) Happy New Year , hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas to :)) Love the diys thank you for sharing :))

  11. 1st time viewing. 🌻 loving all of them. Brilliant idea on the socks!!! So creative!!Just clicked subscribe.

  12. Please show how you make the other flowers

  13. Thanks for sharing these ideas cause I'm like you and don't care for all the cute stuff. Also I'm just like you and have to have my things centered or it will drive me crazy too.

  14. What a creative way to use a pair of socks! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love the pink vase. The other DIY's are cute also 🌺

  16. Rubbing alcohol would of cleaned up that whole soap dish

  17. 🌸🌷 Came from Heidi’s. I liked them all but I think I like the wreath the best. Cute idea for the socks! I’d love to see how you make more flowers subbed.

  18. Hi Pat……. I loooooooooooved your simply valentines diys. I'm gonna try to do valentines DiY's this year also.

  19. I have not taken my Cricut out either. I’m a bit intimidated I think.

  20. Loved all of these, especially using the socks on the wreath! LOVE! Over from Heidi’s channel. New sub. 🙂

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