Dollar Tree Valentine DIY 2020 | Budget Friendly DIY's | Collab – According To Kat

Dollar Tree Valentine DIY 2020 | Budget Friendly DIY's | Collab – According To Kat

EVERY MONDAY and FRIDAY there will be new DIY VIDEOS!!!

FREE PRINTABLE for today’s projects
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According to Kat’s Channel

Kat’s Valentine’s Day Video

(many of the items on the list will work for all projects. You should be able to use 1 foam core board for all of the projects).

Hello Love Wreath
1 – 9X15 foam core board
2 – wooden hearts
1 – Styrofoam square
1 – Stick Sheet
Flowers you love
3-4 Ribbons
Pink and white paint
Hot glue

Love Cups
4 – Serving small cups
1 – bag of green moss
4 – sticks
1 – foam core board
Hot pink, white and soft pink paint
1 – Styrofoam square
Hot glue

Ombre Heart
1 – 11X14 frame
2 – types of ribbon (1 lace and 1 silk)
1 – foam core board
Hot pink, white, and brown paint
Hot glue

4X6 framehouse heart frame
1 – 4X6 art canvas
Free Printable
1 – Foam core board
Hot pink and white paint
1 – roll of lace ribbon
Hot glue

12X12 Farmhouse XO frame
1 – 12X12 frame (Hobby Lobby)
1 – sharpie marker
1 – foam care board
1 – wooden heart
Hot pink and clay grey paint
Hot glue

If you would like to collab, you can email me at

Heidi Sonboul
P.O. Box 7681
Chesterfield, MO 63006

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34 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Valentine DIY 2020 | Budget Friendly DIY's | Collab – According To Kat

  1. The "hello love" wreath is absolutely gorgeous! Tfs!

  2. I love love love the door hanger with the hearts that say Hello Love!

  3. I love the moss love letters! But, they all were great! This is my first time viewing your channel. I will be subscribing!

  4. "Hello Love" I believe was my fave… even though all of them where perfect. #newsubscriber

  5. Love all of them, but especially the wreath. You did a wonderful job and thanks for sharing!

  6. Loved them all! Favorite…I had several, ombré heart, Xs & Os with pink heart (I could never free style the Xs & Os!), the wreath ombré hearts….Do you think it’s possible to do hearts without the wreath and flowers?

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the wreath, I'll have to watch it again.

  8. I really like your DIY 'S very creative. 😀

  9. I mean, wow! That "Hello Love" craft was just so darn good! So creative!

  10. Beautiful!😍👌👍 Thank you very much for inspiration😘💕 💜💖🌸💞💝💜🌺🌹🌸🌼 Maťa from Slovakia😘💕

  11. They all turned out so nice. My favorite is the "Hello Love" wreath. Beautiful

  12. Great ideas and thanks for sharing

  13. All were cute but my favorite was the wreath.

  14. Love these! Great job! A lot of hard work!

  15. I loved the love in the cups.

  16. Love them all but I just love the HELO LOVE. So cute.

  17. So cute!! I love the ombre heart!

  18. Heidi, your DIYs are always so classy! The little planters are my favorite and I will try it with teacups !

  19. The ‘Hello Love’ hearts might be my favorite…

  20. Not all your users are women! Just saying.

  21. Heidi, you are a master of crafts. I love the umbre heart frame the best. I love that I can click on your print outs and they work. Thanks for the LOVE sign and that grey buffalo check printout. You are the best. Donna

  22. Omg I love love all these crafts. Thank you for sharing.

  23. I really 💗 loved them all especially the wreath

  24. I love the ombré heart and the XO frame!

  25. Awe these look so cute and adorable!! TFS! Many New Year Blessings! 🍷☕💎 🍾❤🍾❤🍷🍾💎

  26. I love the”Hello Love” wreath and the X & I’d sign. Perfect for Valentines.

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