School is out for summer and this teacher celebrated with a trip to Dollar Tree! I found so many great things at Dollar Tree for home decor projects and DIYs! I hope you enjoy coming shopping with me to see all the goodies that I found!

I’m so excited to be sharing my crafty YouTubers Facebook Group, Creative Collabs! I hope you join me!

Here is the link to Creative Collabs!

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37 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE | SHOP WITH ME & HAUL | SUMMER 2018!!!

  1. The plates for the paint!! I've used those for years, but did not know Dollar Tree had them! I hope they still have them now! And yes the side is for a wine glass to slip in.

  2. i think your ESL talking mouth puppets are adorable and may help children not feel so self-conscious about pronouncing new words…because the puppet is saying the new words, not the students! 😉 i think it's a great idea!

  3. dollar tree is starting to put out back to school supplies..last academic year, i twice donated a few supplies to my local grade school because i'd heard that every year teachers spend their own money to buy things their students need. when i ask what they need, the school staff always say pocket folders. i got some 6 packs of them at dollar tree a while back and am looking forward to finding the 6 packs again soon. but HERE IS MY QUESTION: is the quality of the 6 pack of pocket folders at dollar tree any good, or would i do better to get the basic pocket folders at walmart?

  4. Great Haul ! That top looks cute on you

  5. I don’t think the silicone puppets are a bad idea, but good luck getting the eyes (or anything else) to stick to silicone. ☺️

  6. You can put a solar light with the stick removed in those tumblers with the solar panel exposed at the top. You can then use clear caulk to seal it. They make the most adorable lights for a patio!

  7. Hello from a fellow New Yorker. I live in North Carolina now but was born and raised in Rochester. So happy to have found your channel!

  8. You look great, you don’t need makeup.

  9. I think your idea for the oven mitts and googly eyes is wonderful !!! You could ask the school if they would be willing to lay down plywood in your painting area

  10. Your Dollar Tree is amazing. My mouth dropped open when I saw your sticker selection. I look forward to seeing your diy's hope you make videos and share your experience making them. Good Luck!

  11. I've always been curious..since you're a traveling teacher..what students are in your actual classroom?

  12. The talking silicones are great ideas. You are a great teacher and the kids in your class must have a lot of fun. Good Luck. Love your videos and ideas. 😘😍❤

  13. I think the mouths are a super cute idea. Learning a new language is hard and sometimes kids can be a little self-conscious, so I think it's a great way to make it fun and take some of the pressure off!

  14. Great finds! Your happiness is contagious. Can't wait to see your projects. God bless you all.

  15. I love the idea for the googley eyes. That will be fun.

  16. To protect the carpet, you can buy a shower curtain, or a party table cloth and duct tape it to the area. 🙂

  17. Looking forward to all your summer diy's, thrift hauls and dollar store buys. Bring 'em on.. I'm ready to watch.. 🙂 ♥

  18. Can not wait to see the DIYs.

  19. I do dallor tree on my channel if you like the dallor tree check it out I LOVE THE DALLOR TREE♥️

  20. You could put down dollar shower curtain or table cloth when painting

  21. Love your videos, Cant wait to see some new DIY's.

  22. You could try to thrift a flannel backed plastic table cloth to use as a drop cloth

  23. Try sweet potato chips. They are healthier than regular kind.

    Check out the Cincinnati Reds parody on Bob Ross. It's a hoot!

    You're an OT at heart! I worked as a school based occupational therapist in Kentucky for many years. Love that you incorporate all kinds of crafts into your lesson plans.

    Kentucky Wildcat blue rocks! 😃 💙

    Love the llamas.

  24. It was so cool to go shop with u both and I'm digging all that gray and teal in the storage stuff lol and that's a great idea on those silicone pot holders love it. I might have to try that with my two year old we r working on his talking right now that might help him out

  25. Love your energy! I’m always so happy after I finish one of your videos! 💋

  26. Mason Jars: Red, White (clear), and… Purple? Yeah, it's definitely purple….

  27. I wish my local Dollar Trees were as big and nice as that one! I’ve actually been to that one! (I was running late so I had to hurry) I knew you were in NY but didn’t know you were that close! I’m in Clifton Park-ish.

  28. Can you share your Fourth of July diy's soon so we can replicate before the fourth passes?? I always adore your crafts!!

  29. puppet idea is great! it will be a very nonthreatening way of getting them to speak!

  30. Lama decals! Well, adding that to my "next time" list too. I just went but missed a few things like the grey bins. I just want to see the selections.

  31. The speaking glove is an excellent idea!

    I love the top you are wearing but it would leave some interesting tan lines! 🙂

    Another great video thank you x

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